Bozzlife: SBI Flags and Chicken Sandwiches

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I mentioned in this post yesterday, that @mrsbozz and I went down to Ohio to visit her sisters family. While we were down there, we went to one of my favorite places to eat.

It is called City BBQ. I am not doing a full post on it because it has actually grown into a pretty large chain. In my opinion, it is some of the best BBQ North of the traditional BBQ Belt in the Southern US.

The food is always on point and insanely good. We have a handful of BBQ joints near where I live up in Michigan and none of them even come close to City BBQ.

Lately, around the US, there has been a sudden chicken sandwich craze. Popeye's released a chicken sandwich to help them compete against Chick-Fil-A.

The Popeye's sandwich caught on like wildfire and people have been clamoring to get it ever since. It has seriously been complete chaos! Drive through lines with a multiple hour wait time, stabbings, assaults, thefts, you name it, this chicken sandwich fad has brought out the worst in many Americans.

I had seen an article shortly before our trip to Ohio that City BBQ had come out with their own chicken sandwich to enter the competition. It was a really hard decision for me when it was finally decided we were going to eat lunch at City BBQ on Saturday.

Not living in the area, it is a rare treat that I get to have their BBQ. Why would I forgo that just to try some chicken sandwich. On top of that, we don't have a Popeye's near us so I have never tried their sandwich. Additionally, we don't have a Chick-fil-A near us either, so would I really have anything to compare it to?

It was the fact that City BBQ said they were only going to carry the sandwich for a limited time that tipped the scales in favor of me trying it.

@mrsbozz got the smoked turkey salad you see above and I got this:


While the sandwich was good, it probably isn't something I would ever get again. First of all it feel completely apart when I tried to eat it. Instead of using one flattened breast, it is made up of multiple breaded chicken tenders that fell about the place when I picked it up.

The homemade pickles were awesome and the white bbq sauce had a horseradish kick that I really liked, but there was far to little of the sauce for the amount of chicken that was on the sandwich. The bun was toasted and buttery and had a sweet flavor that worked well with the sandwich overall.

I wasn't disappointed, but for me, this really fell short of the expectations I had. We did get a side of hush puppies to go with our meal(s) and those were fantastic. In hindsight I should have gotten a side dish of the pulled pork to go with the sandwich. I have never been disappointed by their pulled pork.

I still hope to try the Popeye's sandwich some day...


It was pointed out to me on my post(linked above) yesterday that there are some people downvoting posts because they are using @steembasicincome. I think this is really ridiculous. The whole premise of SBI is to help other people out by gifting them shares of the service. Yes in return you also get a share, but how is it bad to help people get awarded more for their posts?

I have a feeling I will probably get downvoted for this post as well. If it was poor quality or one sentence maybe I could accept that. I don't feel like close to 1000 words is poor quality though. I put a lot of care and attention into my posts. To treat them with the same disdain you do a crap post that has been artificially inflated by a bid bot is pretty sad.

If this is the way #newsteem is going to be then that is a pretty sad day for the blockchain. For the most part my posts really don't make that much in rewards. Not compared to a lot of other people with similar reputation and stake as me.

It is because of services like SBI that people are able to keep going through the ups and downs of the market because they know that the investment they made will at least help them a little bit.

The truth is, I can't stop anyone from downvoting this, but if you are going to do so, at least leave a comment and give some clarification or justification for your actions. What do you personally have against SBI that is so upsetting? Is it just jealousy that others have more shares than you? Do you have a legitimate reason for downvoting the posts?

I appreciate those that gave me a boost yesterday to offset the downvote.

It's going to be a hard road for a lot of people if this kind of behavior continues though.


The chicken sandwich from City BBQ is good but not worth the hype in my opinion. The recent downvoting of all content that has received a @steembasicincome vote is going to put a severe hurt on legitimate posters who may or may not even know they have SBI shares in their name.

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If this is the way #newsteem is going to be then that is a pretty sad day for the blockchain.

Unfortunately the #newsteem has cleaned the platform of spammer and also cured bid bots of paid votes, but giving free downvotes to anyone it kind of ignited people towards using downvotes more.

No wonder investors are not attracted towards Steem. This platform sometimes looks like a kids playground with that much childish behavior.

Keep on steeming!

No wonder investors are not attracted towards Steem.

This I think is the major downside here. While I know that SBI is not the main draw for most investors (no presence off of Steem, not even a web-site yet, although we're working on it), these attacks are motivated by a hostility to delegation-linked upvoting.

Realistically, the long-term equilibrium of 25% DV pool is that most posts will have downvotes from 5-10% for one reason or another. SBI uses their stake creatively to allocate part of the reward pool in a way that takes power away from whales, so it's natural for it to be attacked a little earlier.

The most unfortunate part of the whole thing is that the attacker has no idea how SBI works and setup their downvotes in a way that hurts the wrong people. Most ardent SBI supporters (the people that attacker would want to stop from using SBI) have large enough SBI votes that this 'tax' is merely a nuisance, while most people that have their whole SBI vote value canceled out are people that were sponsored by others for various reasons. At least half of accounts that receive SBI upvotes were supported by others and have never sent SBI any STEEM at all.


What is your stance on Backscratching?

I'm not familiar with the term.

It was pointed out to me on my post(linked above) yesterday that there are some people downvoting posts because they are using @steembasicincome. I think this is really ridiculous. The whole premise of SBI is to help other people out by gifting them shares of the service. Yes in return you also get a share, but how is it bad to help people get awarded more for their posts?

The account @mmmmkkkk311 doesn't post much and has some delegators, the largest being one of the team Malaysian ladies I met in Bangkok (@khimgoh), as well as a large stake.

I find it ironic that her VP is being used to down-vote posts that she is up-voting herself, though I'm quite sure she's unaware of this fact. (@snook was the flagged person).

While it's not a big deal to me (I have some SBI's), it is for the posters who get rewards on the wrong side of the 'curve', and can be 10% of their rewards in some cases.

Re-steeming to maybe get some answers on this 'new' topic.

Thanks, I appreciate it. I have a lot more shares than many people probably do, so I get a pretty decent upvote from them. Back before I had the following I did, the upvotes from them were what kept me going and growing though. I think that is what the heart of the program was and punishing everyone for the abuse of a few is wrong.

punishing everyone for the abuse of a few is wrong.

We're pretty good at policing abuse and responding to abuse reports.
Based on their previous comments, we believe the DV are motivated by SBI's use of delegation rewards, but they have never responded to any of our attempts to talk to them and work something out.

From what i can tell they are not using a whitelist to only DV accounts that delegate. Instead they are punishing everyone that receives SBI upvotes, and the people that are hurt the most are not people that delegate. Since they don't understand the multi-account delivery structure, it's a very regressive DV- the larger your SBI upvote value, the smaller their DV is relative to it.


Thanks for the reply. I think I do delegate to SBI if that makes a difference. I support what they do and what they stand for though so I don't see myself pulling that delegation any time in the near future. I personally think SBI is one of the best projects on this platform.

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There was a big discussion about it in SBI discord today (which I'm sorry to have missed) and there is a non-zero probability that he is actually targeting delegators only.

I hate when sandwiches fall apart that puts me off the no matter how good they are

As for SBI I have seen a lot of comments about downvoting any posts with votes from them, the flawed logic they use is that its a Ponzi scheme, which it is far from, I love the concept of it ad thing its such a shame it is getting hit like this

I agree. I think those people need to go back and actually look up the meaning of a Ponzi scheme. It looks like I got hit again on this post. I guess it will be a regular occurrence from now on. It really seems they are targeting the wrong people with this crusade of theirs.

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I think your right they will keep coming,I just try to ignore them and not let them bother me

Hey @bozz, here is a little bit of BEER from @fullcoverbetting for you. Enjoy it!

I am tired of every downvote on steem. People are way too worried about what others have relative to themselves. The SBI downvoting is totally stupid.

What isn’t stupid though is a delicious chicken sandwich. 😍

It did do the job of filling me up and it wasn't the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. It is people's stake to use as the wish but it would be nice if they used a little prudence.

Sorry to hear this. I don't think your posts deserve the downvote and in these sad times on Steemit, it would bode well for all of us to boost each other, not tear each other apart.

I know they think they are doing the right thing. I no longer know what the right thing is.

That all aside, great review, as always! I have a hankering for a little BBQ now!

!tip .20

I am with you about the hankering for some BBQ. I always feel that way though! I got a new grill a little bit ago and I have been itching to break it in with a nice 9 lb pork shoulder or something like that.

As always we cannot take the actions of one person as a general trend, but there are people with a lot of sp who use it to attack others. SBI is neat and I get some small benefit from it. There have been some people who exploit it by taking rewards on junk posts, but some of them get blacklisted. There are much bigger issues with Steem that need dealing with.

I agree fully with that statement. I think there are much more important things to be dealing with. I actually am one of the few that doesn't mind bid bots as long as the content is good. That being said, I haven't used them in forever and practically no one uses them anymore. I am going to see what happens with this post today. It will be sad if it is true that people are attacking the SBI votes. Others that have much less stake than me count on those votes to remain viable.

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I have seen several people getting that downvote and have had one or two myself. And I agree that it is ridiculous.
Now I am wanting a chicken sandwich!

Ultimately it is their vote to use how they want, but in my post today I talk a little more about why that could be a bad thing for smaller users.

Do you think the intention is for us to stop buying sbi? It is a project I have supported since it began.

Based on what I have seen, the person that is downvoting considers it a "self upvote scheme". While that may be technically true, as was mentioned the brunt of that "punishment" is going to be absorbed by users who have few shares and may have no clue shares were even donated in their name.

Wow. I had not thought about that. I have given sbi shares to several small accounts as a thanks for helping with contests or as prizes.

Here is a !BEER they can’t take that away with a downvote.

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