Bozzlife: #Wednesdaywalk in Aloha

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If you read my post yesterday, you will know that is Aloha State Park in Michigan, nowhere near Hawaii. By some odd occurrence, on this trip we weren't able to get adjacent camping sites with our friends like we usually do. While we were right on the water, they were a bit behind us.

It actually worked out pretty well because the days/nights it was excessively windy, we hung out at their site. The one night it was rather mild, we hung out at our site. This meant that there was a lot of walking back and forth between sites involved. Hence my entry into the #wednesdaywalk challenge started by @tattoodjay.


This post is going to focus mainly on things you might have seen walking back and forth between our two sites. I can promise you, there will definitely be a lot of pictures of my dog and possibly some repeats of the sunsets I posted yesterday.


This dragonfly landed near me while I was sitting outside our trailer one morning. It really wasn't anything special, but I wanted to get a picture of it because it was so close.

You can see we had to put logs on our carpet to keep it from flying away in the wind. I actually took some videos of the wind and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. It was so relaxing. This was one of the few times that we slept with our trailer windows open all night just so we could hear the waves.


A short time ago we got tired of our dog Jovi laying on the ground like this. It's not that she really minds the dirt, but we would rather not have it carried all over our trailer, especially since she shares a bed with us.


So @mrsbozz found this awesome cot on Amazon that we decided to purchase. It took her a little bit to get used to it, but as you can see by the following pictures, I think she loves it now.


This 'S' position is a new one.



She doesn't even have to get up to get a drink!



The second night a large group of young adults showed up on a site near our friends. The wind was still pretty brutal coming off the lake at about ten to twenty miles and hour and their tent was not having any of it.

You can see it kind of collapsed in the picture here. While they were gone for a walk, we heard the tent poles physically crack because of the strain the wind was putting on them. Needless to say they were pretty dismayed when they came back from their walk.


While this is my idea of a nice fire, our friend David (sitting in the background) is a bit of a pyro.


That was the fire after he got done with it.


This may be shocking to you, but I am one of the few people that really isn't a fan of S'mores. Instead, I would much rather have this delicacy we discovered several years ago. We call them campfire eclairs and they are simply fantastic.

You start by wrapping croissant dough (the kind from the tube) around a wooden dowel and you bake it over the fire like our friend Sarah is doing here. Once it is golden brown, you pull it off the dowel and fill it with vanilla pudding, then you top it with chocolate frosting and whip cream.


Trust me, there is nothing like it on this Earth. They are absolutely fantastic!


Well, that about does it for this #wednesdaywalk. I hope you enjoyed the sites from back and forth between our campsites!

All pictures were taken by me or @mrsbozz


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Your doggie looks very content on her camp cot especially spoilt having the water bowl right there:):)
Your croissant on sticks must be really delicious! We make stick bread in a similar way so I can just imagine the flavour of that all filled up, sounds yummy!
Happy camping @bozz :)

Yes, she took to it more than we can thought she would. Of course we had her on a six foot leash which is park guidelines. Left to her own free will, I am not sure she would have chosen to lay on it.

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Heck yeah! Pass me over a crescent roll so that I, also can make a delicious eclair. Some of my Fondest Memories are camping, usually On The Water Somewhere. Family, friends and everything in between got together and just had fun. I don't think there was ever an agenda oh, just taking our four-legged friends and living life. It was always a refreshing time that included lots of fishing swimming and later in life, diving. That is when these trips got really fun. Wind and Rain were never our friends and for the years of camping in a tent I can say that we endured plenty of weather, but never a bad time. Thanks for sharing your time with us and as always I wish you a most wonderful day!

Thanks for being a great member of #SteemUSA!


You really need to try them sometime if you get the chance. Getting them cooked perfectly can be a bit of an art, but if you have a good fire it is a little more forgiving. We tent camped for several years before we made the jump to a travel trailer. I would never go back now.

I went to a trailer years ago and sold it when I moved to Europe. I still like to tent camp but will eventually buy a motorhome as I dislike unhitching the travel trailer.

But, of course, time and finances will tell.

I will try them! They sound amazing!

Glad you got the best of both worlds with the split up sites. I think a Smore or eclair sounds pretty good right now. Appreciate you letting us see your walk!

Thank you!

You are very welcome. I am glad we connected because of Steem Engine.

Oh this sure is a beautiful place to have a picnic, and seeing Jovi enjoying herself with the special gift for her. That's totally priceless!


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Yes, it was very beautiful. The tree almost blocked a little too much of the view, but it also helped a bit with the wind.

I can't hear the wind, but from what I can see it was a great place to camp. That doggy bed is pretty darn cool and I'm glad Jovi got the hang of it!

Me too! She was so cute once she settled into it.

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Looks like a fun time was had by all! Too bad for the tent though!
Wonderful photos! !Tip

Thank you!

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Looks like it was a good time despite the wind.

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Yes, it was fantastic, thanks!

Nice spot, pity about the wind, no wind no waves to sing you a lullaby @bozz, never a dull moment when out camping for sure.

That is what I call a fire!

Campfire eclairs look superb and sound like a real treat.

They are simply fantastic. You can't have too many of them, but they are so worth it!

These sunset shots are gorgeous i had trouble scrolling down past the first one I must admit but eventually I did

JOvi may not have liked that cot at the start but she seems very happy with it from these shots

I am not a big s’mores fan but I do love te sound sof those campsite eclairs I may have to try then sometime :)

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

Thanks! Not bad for just using my smartphone right? I always forget to take my digital camera along on trips like this. Jovi was so clean @mrsbozz didn't even bother giving her a bath after this last trip!

Smart phone cameras have come a long way for sure, dang I remember the first Cell Phone we ever got at work, completed with a bag you carried over your shoulder for the base and battery they were so heavy and just made calls, now you can do everything on a phone just about
That said I still carry my Sony with me almost everywhere I know the phone photos are good I just feel its better to use my camera maybe an old school thing lOL

I had a bag phone back in the day too!

Were showing our age LOL

You sure did have some wind to collapse the tent like that! Other than that it looks like a nice relaxing place. I'm not a fan of smores either and I would love your option instead. Great name for a park in Michigan :)

Yeah, the people next to us said it had been like that all week and they actually left a day early because they were a bit tired of the wind.

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