Camping with Bozz: #TreeTuesday, Aloha!

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That's Aloha, Michigan in case you were wondering. Aloha is a small village on the East side of Mullet Lake up near the straits of Mackinaw. There is a state park in Aloha called "Aloha State Park" (shocker!) which is probably larger than the village itself.

@mrsbozz and I had never visited this campground before, so when we made our reservations, we were sure to get a site near the water. The picture above shows the view we had for the three days that we were in the park. Unfortunately, two of the days it was very windy so we didn't get to spend much time on our site. When we were there, we got to look at this awesome tree which is why I am using this for my #treetuesday post.

We took my second oldest nephew camping with us this week and the first thing he did with our friends children was climb all over the tree. After we pulled in I wondered where my camp setup helper went only to find him waving to me from halfway up one of the branches.

Mullet Lake connects to Burt Lake on the other side of I-75 via what is know as the inland waterway. You can actually take your boat from Lake Huron in Cheboygan all the way across the upper part of the lower peninsula to Lake Michigan without going through the Straits of Mackinaw.

Most importantly being on the East side of the lake, we were treated to some of the most fantastic sunsets I have seen in a while.



I tried to grab some artistic shots and move around a little, but the truth is being so prominent on the back of our site, it was hard to avoid the tree.



Besides waterfalls, I think that sunsets are probably one of my most favorite things to take pictures of. Oh and my dog, I definitely like taking pictures of my dog. You will see proof of that yet this week!



Even though the wind didn't cooperate for most of the weekend we still had a great time and we will definitely be visiting this campground again in the future. It is one of the ones in Michigan that tend to fill up pretty quick and we were lucky to get the site that we did.


School starts in about two weeks so this was our last camping trip for the Summer. I think we have a couple of quick weekend Fall trips planned though, so that should be a lot of fun.

As you can see from my past posts, we definitely fit a lot of fun into this past Summer.


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wow that are some awesome picture.
That's what I love about the states. You have so many diversity in surroundings, great parks, nature... In Holland you do have a little nature but isn't worth mentioning compared to the USA hahaha... It looks like you had some great days !!!

We really do, I feel pretty lucky to live where I do despite all of the drama that is going on in our country. It is nice to be able to get away from it all and just take in the nature!

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LOoks like a beautiful spot to be camping right by the water and that cool tree i love especially those shots with the sunrise or sunset colors through the tree

When I was younger. To would have been climbing the tree

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

Yeah, I actually thought about seeing how high I could get. Luckily I used my better judgement. It was a really great site.

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In my case better judgment is another name for my wife who would stop me if I am thinking of something best left for teenagers LOL

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