My Review of dPoll is 5 Star - Great STEEM dApp!

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I have been posting dPolls since April 2019, and this STEEM dApp is really working for me. Dpoll was created by @emrebeyler and gets a lot of use everyday from voters and pollers.

So far I have posted 60 dPolls, so this is about 4 each week. I have every plan to continue, and even increase my dPolling since I get such great results.

Here is how I use dPoll in my daily STEEM life as well as some results and tips.

My own dPolls

  • Topics

I have gone through a few phases with my 60 topics for dPolls.

I started polling about our top paying STEEM dApps and asking people their experience with using them. This was a great boost to my STEEM knowledge and I am really glad I did it.

We have so many dApps now and it is overwhelming to figure out which ones to try. By going through the top ranked STEEM dApps at The State of the dApps site, and then polling about them, I was able to learn a lot quickly.

I’m thinking I might run through that cycle again in a few months with the current list of top dApps at the time. It’s not always easy to learn skills at STEEM and the dApp information I got really helped me.

Next I polled about STEEM and crypto related topics. I kind of ran out of ideas with that.

For August I decided to do “lifestyle” topics. These are fun polls that ask people questions about their lives. I’m really happy with the results which are almost never what I predict.

I’m getting ready to poll about all the new tribes. I am behind the curve on this new area of STEEM for sure. I know polling about tribes will help me learn a lot. So many people are very involved with them, so I hope they see and answer my polls.

  • Preparation for Polling

I try to have at least 10-20 questions in a file I keep. When I think of a possible poll question I add it there. I pick the one that interests me for the day and create my dPoll.

I usually pick tomorrow’s poll after I publish today’s. This way I know what I plan to do and spend less time fumbling around. If I do not have a good question ready, sometimes my dPoll might not get out the door!

I am publishing 4 times a week as stated above. I would prefer to poll 5-6 times a week, so that is a goal. Better preparation will help me get there.

  • Publishing

My polls consist of a canva poster, title, text and tags, and then the answer choices. Sometimes I cannot come up with a good answer set and that poll goes on the back burner.

After I pick my topic, I try to make the poster next time I am in canva. Another task done! If I was better organized, I would do 5-10 posters at a time. Goals :)

  • Replying to comments

I use steemreply by @arcange to answer comments each day.

I get more comments than only for dPolls, but dPoll comments are the biggest portion I get now.

I reply to those most people who add additional information to their vote. Maybe 3/10 voters add more info, and I like to respond to that. I would vote their comment if my vote was not dust!

I do not normally reply to people who have only answered the poll with a click.

Sometimes a poll generates many, many comments. If I see that, I will jump to the poll instead to answer them. Most of the time steemreply is faster and more efficient, but if a big flood of comments come in quickly, it is easier to go to the post.

dPolls from others

Right before I post my own poll, I answer most of the other polls. This is quick, easy and interesting work I like doing. Maybe 20% of dPolls I answer have contests, and sometimes I win!

Interaction and promotion

Aside from keeping up with the replies on my polls, here are the other steps I take while dPolling

  • following other dPollers
  • following those who answer my polls
  • voting for dpolls
  • commenting on other polls if I have good information to add
  • tweeting dpolls – mine and others

Results in Upvotes

  • dPoll votes

My polls are frequently (not always) manually curated by @bluerobo and then I get dpoll upvotes from @dpoll.curation and a trail. These votes are very helpful as I work to grow my blog and sp.

  • Regular autovoters and random passersby

I have some people who auto-vote me, so I get those votes on my polls. I also get votes and sometimes poll votes from people I have not seen before. So they must see my poll in a feed somewhere and decide to support. That is a nice win when I get it.

  • Tribe voters

I am using the tribe tags for @palnet, @neoxian, and @marlians on my polls and sometimes get votes for those tribes.

There you have it. I love dPolling and will continue. How about you? Do you poll or answer polls? Please let me know your experience in the comments. I want to hear from you.

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