24 Hours as a @tipu Curator Gives Me Questions!

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Yesterday I wrote a post about being nominated and accepted to be a @tipu curator and this post got a lot of attention. Here are some answers to the questions I got from you, and more questions from me.

Several people asked me to nominate them for membership as a curator:

The top ranked @tipu curators can nominate you to be a curator.

  • I cannot.

I do not have any @tipu nominations to give yet. My nomination number is set to -0- right now.

When I am allowed to nominate people, I will favor those in the top ranks of the Engagement League of @abh12345. I know these STEEMers are already engaged and will make good use of this @tipu opportunity. The league is easy to join and rank in, so please take a look if you are not already there. Here is the current weekly update:


Several people asked me to vote for their posts:

The top ranked curators can vote for your post.

  • I cannot.

I voted for 3 posts yesterday. Only one of those votes went through and now my account shows I voted for my limit of three anyway. I do not know when this will reset. When it does I will certainly curate however many posts I am allowed to.

I favor low payout posts in the places I already curate for other projects. Most of those are entries for contests or challenges. You can find an incomplete list of those here:


But I am a small and unknowledgeable fish in this tipu thing. Until yesterday I knew nothing about it at all.

A better strategy than trying to get my few and small tipu votes is to contact and interact with those in the top ranks. Maybe one day I will be one of them, but I am currently #149. Here are the top 30 at the moment:


Do you know any of these STEEMers? Most of them have a lot of votes and nominations to give, so they would be your best resource if you want to be added as a curator or get tipu votes to your posts.

I hope some of the the top ranked @tipu curators will see this post and answer some questions I have after 24 hours:

  • What are your voting strategies?
  • What is your strategy about who to nominate for curator?
  • When do resets happen so you can vote and nominate more people?
  • How do you improve voting efficiency?
  • Why did 2 of my 3 tipu votes from yesterday "count" even though they did not go through?
  • Why do votes not go through so I will not waste them again?
  • Anything else I should know about this program?

I also found out that @cardboard is the person behind @tipu. Here are some words of wisdom from the site:

  • you should focus on new posts
  • you want to curate posts that you anticipate will have high payouts
  • you don't want to curate posts that already have high payouts and the curation vote will be one of the last ones
  • remember about the 5 minute penalty - it's best to curate around 5 minutes mark or a bit earlier if you think the post will get lots of votes from other users

Many thanks to you!


fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg

And thank you once again to @amico for getting me into this with his nomination! I hope we will soon meet in Bangkok so I can thank you for all of your support in person :)

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Hey @fitinfun. Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated. I don't have all of the answers you need, but here are some of my thoughts.

The UI is constantly changing. Normally that would be a concern for me, but in the case, it seems that the changes are making it easier to understand how many more votes you can give from @tipu and the effectiveness of the timing of your curation.

Regarding strategy, I try to personally vote and then call the tipu curate command shortly after 4 mins. The closer you get to 5 the better, but there are sometimes accounts that are autovoted at the 5 min mark. I am erring on the side of a little too early than too late.

I am looking at all new posts and I can usually gauge within a minute or less if the post is well written. Sometimes I request the post be curated first. If I think I have enough time, I will write a short comment letting the author know I read the post and include the tipu curate command.

Resets should happen every 24 (I think I read that), and curation manna recharges over 24 hours as well.

It appears that your level is higher when your curation manna is fully charged. I have not seen that written but seems to be true based on anecdotal evidence.

I am sorry but I have no idea why your tipu curate calls are not going through. Sorry to hear that but I hope you get it figured out soon.

Also, I currently do not have any nominations available. I am showing 0/0.

Congratulations for being one of the @tipu curators, Sharon! I do not know any of your questions, as I noticed some tipu curators just recently myself. Sorry for not being of help, but I know somebody will be able to help you and answer all the questions you have in mind.

Congratulations once again, and I'm happy for you @fitinfun! 😊

This is a very useful post, I was also wondering about tipu :)
Thank you for taking the time to inform us and I hope the top curators will respond to your summoning them!

Me too, @katerinaramm. Lots of questions, few answers, lol.

Hi Mum, Im on the internet!

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I want to get the higher tipu score,and I also want to find the good content, that's difficult for me.the game is also simple,all the secrets of high scores have been written on the website,just follow the "Curation Tips".

Keep up the awesome work!

Congratulations on being a tipu curator.

I wish you lots of success.

Sista, just treat it as a curation game and you'll feel happier. Do not alter the settings, just go with #tipu curate and set aside the parameters. Be wide angle, be panoramic, be diversify. I never even use it on myself nor my alts. But I get the idea when people give small vote to others so they climb the curator stairs, but then they fire a huge 15% vote for themselves and for their alt. I didn't say that is wrong, but your top curator there did absolutely no vote for herself 🙂 at times, I really tempting to abuse it, but then I asked myself again, am I a here for doing self curate? I know my answer and I decided to keep it to myself. @tipu curate

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Thank you so much for the info @davidke20. I do not plan to vote for myself or my alts either. This seems to be against the spirit of the thing. I am a pretty wide curator already, and do not plan to change. If anything, I will vote more broadly now.

And thank you so much for the tipu vote too. I really appreciate that :)

Yeah. That vote probably will drop me off the top 30 in few hours 😂 unless some whale come and pop your value to $9 and above. I like the spontaneous and surprise from the default command! At times it goes 1%, sometimes it goes 2% and now it's 4% 😂😂😂

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Hmm... Lots to think about here, @davidke20! I rarely see any whales, so you are probably out of luck, lol.

I still have no votes to give. Hopefully it will reset soon so I can even try to vote. Do you know why 2 out of three of my votes from yesterday would not go through but still count as votes?

Need to break it down to answer you.

First, whale is out there everywhere, the trouble now is, all of them are waiting to curate a possible high payout post like you mentioned in your post.

Due to the first fact above, u now should sarcastically thank someone, namely me who sent a tipu vote that worth only $1.4 and that deter some other whale that could possibly vote you $4 😂

Frankly, I wasn't expecting it vote that much. Usually 1% is about 50¢ and whale are willing to drop by and give it a nudge. But that's OK, what if other whales doesn't come? Now at least you are blessed by my tipu vote(without discount! Full curation).

Lastly, I do not know why your vote depleting so fast. Often, I only tipu less than 5 times a day and I spread them throughout the day. It may sound like a waste, but I really wanted it to be special for someone whom I curate for 🙂

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