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I have known Charles Fuchs @stackin since back in the tsu days, and I am connected to him on many online platforms. He is a go-getter and successful guy in many areas of life.

STEEM is one of those places, so when Charles gives advice, I pay attention. I should have been making a list of the many tips he has given me over the years, but you will just have to take my word for it. @stackin has helped me do better on STEEM and elsewhere online many, many times.

Charles just wrote a great post of tips to help us and keep us motivated and you should go take a look, vote and resteem.

The only trouble with his post is that it is short and to the point, so here is the long-winded version of my thoughts about his post for your enjoyment.

Here are Charles Tips:

  • Buy Steem and Power Up.
  • Post 1-2 Times A Day.
  • Curate 10-30 Posts a Day.
  • Engage With The community.
  • Show Up Every Damn Day.
  • Bonus: Have Lots of Patience.

Here are my thoughts and actions about these tips:

- Buy Steem and Power Up
I have no money to buy STEEM. In fact, I take STEEM money out weekly for my poverty-level living needs in SE Asia. STEEM and STEEM related money make up 90% of what I live on.


I do power up. I power up slowly, but the work from my blogs has created these increases in the last year or so:

BlogJuly 2018 SPAugust 2019 SP

So last year at this time, I had about 450 sp on two blogs. Now I own over 1300 sp on three blogs.

I will tell you that July 2018 is when I got serious about growing sp and so I think the results are due to my focused effort. I monitor my sp weekly and make sure I do not take out too much on my power downs so that my sp will still grow. Lately with the low prices, my sp grows faster, so I'll take it!


Additionally, I lease delegated sp for each of my blogs and two of them have "borrowed" sp from other generous steemers. This additional sp power amounts to another 4200 sp I use for curation.

I'm all about the sp, and so far, I do not delegate mine. Most of the people I vote for are small, and so my small votes actually make a difference.

- Post 1-2 Times A Day
I am in 100% agreement with this @stackin point. You are not a STEEM blogger if you do not blog. Once a week is not enough and random posts a few times a week get you nowhere. If you want to be successful you need to post daily. I do not know of anyone here (except a few HUGE fish) that succeed without regular posts.

In my case, with three blogs, I try to post 6-9 posts each day and make that goal 80% of the time.

I AT LEAST want 1 post on each blog even if I am traveling or sick. I fail to make a post MAYBE one day a month for one of the blogs and then feel bad about that!

Here are all my tips about how to post daily on STEEM.


There are many strategies to fit daily posting into your life. Quality posts can be done quickly if you get yourself going with a system.

- Curate 10-30 Posts a Day
Once again, I am in full agreement with @stackin. You MUST use your voting power daily. Vote down to between 70-90% daily for best results. Not only will you get better curation rewards, you are actively supporting other steemers.

If you do not know how to vote effectively, join the The Curation and Engagement Leagues of @abh12345. Follow the top 20 or so people on each of his weekly lists and learn from what they do. Engage with those people for even better results.

- Engage With The community
Once again, Charles nails it. You cannot just sit on your own blog and expect people to find you here. You need to actively find blogs you like, follow them, comment on them (maybe vote) and make friends.

See above from my suggestion about the The Curation and Engagement Leagues, and comment, comment, comment, reply, reply, reply.

Don't have time for all that? One tool that helps me is


by my hero, @arcange. I go to steemreply once a day and spend 15-20 minutes replying and checking mentions for each blog. BOOM! I average over 300 comments/replies each week.

- Show Up Every Damn Day
Yes, Yes! YES!
If you are in and out, and sometimes here and sometimes gone, you will not develop a following and you will not progress effectively in learning all the intricacies of STEEM. This place is hard enough without a new learning curve happening each time you come back.

- Bonus: Have Lots of Patience
I like this tip most of all. Almost nothing will ever happen overnight. This is why I track numbers weekly.

One example for me is sbi shares. I go after them in many ways and sbi is one of the best and most consistent votes I get here. Here is my recent progress:

About 5 weeks ago I had 593 sbi shares between the three blogs
When I checked last week, I had 667 sbi shares between the three blogs.

Most of that increase comes from a share or two I win in some contest or another. If I was not keeping track, I would not be able to pat myself on the back for a good effort.

My Bonus Tip

Charles does not talk about using our STEEM DApps or posting to tribe tags. He does not need to do either of these things since he already gets great votes from a lot of big fish. Charles was one of the early adopters of STEEM and this is a benefit the rest of us will never have. (I told you he was smart.)

I stopped using steemit to post almost one year ago. I only post with dApps that pay with upvotes and this has made a hug difference for me.

I have good results with these dApps:


I have good results with these tribes:


Both of these areas are new and evolving daily. I will have posts coming out soon with strategies. DApps and tribes are huge new opportunities. Be there or be square.

So there you have it. Pay attention to the optimistic successful people on STEEM and one day you will be one too. If you are not following @stackin already, I suggest you do so now :)

Here is my most recent Round-Up post with many, many tips to help you on STEEM.

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I want to hear from you.

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You forgot one of the most important ways to grow your steam....

I do like the non hype tips you often give.


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Aw! Thank you so much for the compliment, upvote and resteem, @smallearth. You just made my day! I am so happy you like this post and others. We just all need to keep trying and success is within our grasp :)

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Thank you very much. I appreciate your support, @resteemsupport

Thank you for the advice here my friend.
I also may have bumped into Charles Fuchs a few times on tsu.

I do most of the things above such as posting every day and commenting and upvoting on a range of friend's posts, but it is sloooow going.
Luckily they call me Mr. Patience.
There's much of the "how to's" that I still don't know, but I plod along.

Great tips and good growth on your accounts keep it coming and climbing