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STEEM suffered a devastating loss yesterday if you care about the success of seeing smaller fish here grow. @axeman has thrown in the towel and cancelled the many contests he runs and all will be over in a few days as the weekly events reach payout.

@axeman is a very talented photographer and sometimes gets good votes on his own photo posts. I hope he will continue to post those.

Most of his contests were photo contests, but he was also an active dPoll-er. His efforts have helped many a new STEEM blogger learn how to post, and be the beneficiary of @axeman's very generous critiques and prizes.

Here is the main announcement post, and if you go to the blog, you can watch the contests as they close out day by day.

Contests and Giveaways Cancellation Announcement

This is not the only helpful place we have lost, and are losing as I watch. Most of our contest runners are struggling under NewSTEEM. The votes they get are basically what they used to get, but now much smaller with the reward curve changes.

At freewrite by @mariannewest, she gets less than 50 cents on her daily calls for entry posts. After over 700 days of this work, we have seen no less than 4 freewriting authors go on to publish on Amazon. New bloggers stumble in and learn to post in a continuous flow. This should be a vibrant and well-funded place. Instead, Marianne is so discouraged that she has been stepping back.

I can give you many more examples of hard-working and long term STEEMers ready to give up. But many of them have already, so it is too late.

And we see a huge drop off in number of votes.

Why have people stopped voting in STEEM?

No - it is NOT the bots. The bots were never more than 10% of total votes by number and many of those bots are still voting for free anyway.

Curation has fallen off a cliff. This is from @arcange's most recent post (with a payout of $1 for all of his consistently hard work here):
Steem Statistics – 2019.10.29

curation arcange.PNG

And this is from @penguinpablo's most recent weekly report showing the same thing:

weekly number of votes penquinpablo.PNG

Both of those reports show other equally disturbing trends. The deadfish number on @arcange's report has really grown in the last two months especially in redfish.

We were near to 10K in minnows a few months ago. This is why @steevc called his project tenkminnows. Now we are dropping back each week, as small bloggers power down and leave. Then they become one of the dead redfish - a category growing fast. Here is the most recent post of discouragement from the project 11 days ago

So much for minnow growth

And it is worse now:

deadfish arcange.PNG

So what if we lose 600 minnows? We can always get more? I know many of you are on the hunt for new fish. We have a number of marketing plans going on now. But we desperately need more help to the small blogs that are here.

Who will vote for those new fish as they learn to post here? Where will they post if contests and challenges disappear?

I have talked to a few "big guys" who are voting with 95% plus vp or even with 100%. They they do not have the skills to manually curate, and refuse to use auto-voting since they are pure as the driven snow.

They can no longer vote for their friends or risk downvotes. They cannot delegate to bots. And so they have just stopped caring.


They are all about the downvoting now, and have no time for upvoting small blogs.

Meanwhile, tiny fish from India or somewhere stumble in and try. They have some kind of mis-understanding, and their 14 cent post gets downvoted to zero by a downvoting bot.

And the many cammilleresteemer 10% downvoters go after the new little guys the most now. So they get a bunch of downvotes on each post, few upvotes, and no interaction. Why would they stay?

I know and you know that those 10% downvotes do not matter. But when the new tiny fish only got 2 cents on the post in the first place - yes those ten percent downvotes they got do matter.

Here is a recent post by @anomadsoul, begging you to manually spread your votes down below:
Open letter to change voting patterns | A plea to give #NewSteem a chance

But manual curation is hard! It is even harder with a big vote. I have two older posts to try to help big guys learn how to vote on STEEM. Try one or two of these ideas with even 5% of your daily voting power and make a huge difference at the bottom of the pond.

Whale Tip! Vote for Pre-Curated STEEM Posts

Whale Tip! How to Curate Contests on STEEM and Help Small Bloggers Grow

And the seventh SPUD (STEEM Power Up Day) is happening on Nov 1. Your support with prizes or upvotes would help little fish who are trying hard and powering up like you want them to:

From STEEM, With Love - SPUD 007

Go to @streetstyle's blog on Nov 3. Look at the comments on his post asking SPUDers to show their results. Go upvote the people who powered up and give them encouragement. One hour of this action will make a big impact.

I do see some smaller blogs getting better upvotes and I am so happy for this event. I am a believer in NewSteem, but right now we are off track and driving minnows and redfish out the door in droves.

I won the Conference Fee to STEEMFest in Bangkok!

Just the other day, I got this great news. I was going to be in Bangkok anyway for a necessary Visa trip, but now I will really be at STEEMFest in a few days.

I am still fundraising to get there and I need help. I think I need about $85 more in USD and will have that number soon to do a countdown with it, lol.

If you would like to help me get to STEEMFest, you can!

  • You can upvote any of the posts on my three STEEM blogs, especially those older and close to payout:

  • You can send any amount of STEEM/SBD to my @fitinfun wallet.

  • If you would like to send cash by paypal, please contact me in Discord. Sending that money to a member of TeamMalaysia instead of to me directly ends up being quicker and with much less fees.

  • If you would like to send cash to my Thailand Bank account where I can access it with no fees while there, please contact me in Discord to get that information.

My Discord Contact Info:


Many thanks to those that have already helped:

anonymous times 2

What I do on STEEM

I post a total of 5-8 posts a day on my three niche blogs. The majority of what I do here is to help small blogs grow. I did see an uptick in voting right after NewSTEEM came in. Most of that has disappeared now and I am struggling still.

All my blogs enter contests many times a week. We win often now since there are so few other participants.


  • Top @tipu Curator which pays $0.11 STEEM per day.
  • Regular top participant and winner in the Weekly Engagement League of @abh12345.
  • Constantly on the @trufflepig list for undervalued posts.
    = =
  • freewrite daily with @mariannewest
  • Minnow Tips
  • Photography
  • Travel


  • Food and ccc contest posts
  • Tasteem restaurant reviews
  • @pifc contest entries


  • dApp, tokens/tribes and gaming review posts
  • dpoll- STEEM and lifestyle questions

My most recent summary of Minnow Tips is here:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

These tips will help you if you are new and struggling on STEEM. Tag me in any comment, and I will help you if you ask me to.

fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg


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I'm not going anywhere. I'm a tiny plankton and I'll continue to do what I've always done... consume some of my alternative news and random topics here on Steemit infrequently... upvoting stuff because I "like" it... not for any economic model or ROI. That's just me.

It could be ages before STEEM actually rises in price... it might be due to onboarding or "communities" or whatever... none of it will change my behavior on this platform.

I'm glad to meet an eager plankton, @jbgarrison72. This is not an easy place when new. Your best strategy is to learn how to work the angles here and get your account to grow as fast and as far as you can. There are many thing you can do to accomplish this and most are in this post:

You CAN Succeed on STEEM

I hope I will see you SPUDing tomorrow with @streetstyle. The littler you are, the more chance you have to win big :)

While I partly agree with your concerns, I think we need to put a bit of a perspective on that.
The bull market brought a lot of people, and ever since the bears have taken over it goes down. A lot of people jumping in back then lost money, and faith in crypto in general. The graph shows a steep drop with the last HF, as does the price chart. Engagement in generall seems to follow price more than anything.

Manual curation actually has gone up. How many people struggled to get over a dollar before the fork? Most who stuck around are better off now. Maybe not with recurring content like contests or automated statistics - except they have autovoters piling up on them, which I ranted about a few weeks ago getting a lot of backlash - but artists and writers and travelers generally have improved.
Even axeman isn't doing too bad. He can't expect to post a single photo 5+ times a day and make $10+ on each. Expectations have to be managed - $10 are 70 STEEM!

Also, not everyone busy with downvotes doesn't have time for curation any more. Look at @curangel - with its trail it seems to be responsible for 1% of the total votes (which I just realized looking at those charts, and it frightens me quite a bit...). We're far from having 1% of the active stake :D But with that project as an example I also can't confirm your issue with the curation rewards. We're doing pretty well, voting consistently on small posts.

I actually hoped that more people would use curation services like curangel with newsteem to spread their votes, but obviously that didn't happen to the extent that might have been desirable. The good thing about less votes being cast is that each one is worth more ;)

So yes - whales piling up on a few people are a huge problem, as that lowers rewards of everyone else. But it's never been much different. Rewards are lower than people are used to across the board. But were not seeing payouts in the hundreds for the top any more, as it was before (with similar or even lower prices). It's spreading slowly, but it's spreading.

  • 600 minnows or so are gone since the fork
  • graphs are showing votes, not posts. This is people with stake who have stopped voting.
  • contest runners are throwing in the towel.
  • downvoting is the new upvoting
  • mean girls are everywhere on STEEM now.

The vast majority of auto-votes I get now are at 95%+ vp if not 100%. This is because they have no one else to vote for. I win contests and bounties all day long because no one else enters.

The difference is the reward curve, @pharesim. Contest runners and other who used to get a dollar or two per post now get 50 cents. No one in minnow world where I work was ever getting 100's on a post or even looks at the people who do.

You are right about bigs not getting on trails. I am begging them to autovote for something and they will not. If they cannot vote for their friends or delegate, they want to spend all day handpicking. This lasts a few hours and then they give up. My blogs all did much better in the few weeks after the fork and now it dies off.

It's not about axeman's photo posts. It's about the many weekly contests he just cancelled. Where are the people who swim in now going to be able to post? We know the bigs are not going to vote for a "mass onboarding" bunch of 45 rep fish, if they will not vote for who is here now.

I did not see your rant:

recurring content like contests or automated statistics - except they have autovoters piling up on them

Are you wanting people to do this for free? Most of them basically are. They curate the results and give out prizes from their own money.

We cannot only have 250 bigs talking among themselves , but it seems that is where we are going.

And in the last week we have gained 22 minnows and 7 dolphins.

I know what the graphs show. Less votes means the active userbase goes down. To be expected with lower prices.

I don't know if anyone who uses their downvotes but not their upvotes.

Contests are less popular - because a 5 steem reward in the past was more than a dollar. Again, related more to price than anything else.

The changes of the hardfork are working, it just needed some time. Yes, some people left because of fud beforehand. Those kids out on the better opportunities now. Curangel alone supports 100 authors a day with votes between $1 and $3. Our voting power is consistently around 99%. Not because we wouldn't use them, but because we use them efficiently to give as much as possible to authors.

The distribution improved a lot, the upper end gets less and the lower end gets more. You haven't been on the lower end when you didn't have to fight to get over a few cents obviously.

It's all a matter of perspective.

I am in the trenches with minnows and see the carnage. But if the bigs are happy, we are all happy. Loose 600 and gain 22. Woohoo!

I have been here 2.5 years, @pharesim. I only earn by blogging. I have no money to invest. I have three blogs here and work like a dog on minnow tips and trying to help the little guys get a foot hold. I have been living 90% off of steem and steem related money since Dec 2017. I live very cheaply in SE Asia.

I am on the top of the engagement league of @abh12345 weekly, I am at top tipu curator for 0.11 steem a day. I help little fish in comments, email, and discord all day long.

I make almost nothing on most of my posts, but I do not fight for votes. The fighting can stay up top. Down here I teach people how to enter contests, format posts, not worry about 10% down-voters, and a billion other details.

  ·  last year (edited)

So you confirm that you didn't have posts getting only a few cents.

I'm involved with minnows too. My stake and my project are boosting hundreds of their posts over a dollar every week. Something that didn't happen before the fork.
That project gives a bunch of curators more influence, and lets them earn some steem on top. Around 5 a day, which still isn't much for the work they do, but obviously quite some more than tipu is willing to share.
Besides that I'm fighting for whales and orcas who got used to vote only for their friends to spread their votes too, and we made some serious progress with that the last days. For those who aren't willing, we return parts of their rewards back to the pool, for the minnows.

Yes, there are whales who don't really help the platform. But you throwing all in one bucket and preaching doom and gloom doesn't help either.

Ok - you are my hero, @pharesim. Carry on.

My first six months here were all posts under $1. Then I had some luck, training, and got supporters for my work.

I treasure the one curangel vote I got in the last month, and hope for many more. If you look at my @bxlphabet blog most posts still get under $1 since they are all minnow tips. Hopefully your peeps will take a look at dPolls one day.

It's sad about @axeman, I've always supported him and he expressed his disappointment in dm a couple days ago. It's something I warned about concerning EIP and how it was going to negatively impact author rewards.

Yes it is really sad and scary down here these days, @drakos. I just looked at my own curation reward which are all way down. No post I vote for gets over $10 reward. This is discouraging in so many ways.

See you in Bangkok - can then discuss this off-chain.

Hmmm... Good news or bad, lol. See you there, @rycharde and thank you very much for the trendotoken!

Congratulations @rycharde, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @fitinfun!
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Hi @fitinfun

I agree with your concerns and hope that you will have the opportunity to address the issues you describe at Steemfest as it seems that everything is now about the downvote in the newsteem. I believe that the downvote agenda will now damage the platform

Oh my goodness, @xpilar! I cannot thank you enough. I do not even know how much you are doing for me now, but I am so grateful. I will be sure to post about the money exchange no matter how it goes down. Your transfer gives me big relief.

You have just made my day and I promise you that I will talk to everyone that does not run away from me and try to get some common sense going on. I am sixty and I was a fat accountant for most of my working life. None of these people will hurt my feelings or scare me. I just want the little people to be heard.


it's nice to be able to help @fitinfun, we need a person like you at Steemfest who sees Steemit from a different angle.

Your Age, that means you have a lot of lessons in your luggage. 👍
hehe, i am 65 years old and have also learned a little on my way

Haha! Glad to meet another oldster, @xpilar. I try to prove this is not only a game for young people. I'm leaving soon on this mega-trip and your support is really giving me a boost. Thank you so much for everything.

wish you a good tour and a good Steemfest

It is frustrating - that is for sure. The payout is one thing. It sucks. And people think that it is just the same post... But the time is spend on reading and commenting on the freewrites.

What really sucks is that we still have haters that put down the whole freewrite efforts. Oh well.
We shall see what I will do in the future...

I promise you that every single person who does not run away from me at STEEMFest will be hearing about this. They can do so much good, and probably do not even realize the need, the trouble, or how they can help keep this valuable program going.

That would be nice. But for some reason, we have some enemies of the freewrite who keep badmouthing the whole thing...

That's horrible! Why do I not know this? Please give me more details - in discord if you prefer, @mariannewest.

Envy and resentment... here you have done something consistently for two years and built a community, and those who aren't doing the consistent work can't get the results and resent those who are getting them along with all the other frustration there can be on Steemit... folks have to take it out somewhere, so ...

You are right. And I try to stay away from the negative nellies. But there are days when it bugs me 🙄

Excellent post,

NEWSTEEM can be a great movement but as is its gone overboard. I know many don't like to call Steem(it) a social media site but like it or not that is what its being used as.

Social media sites need one key ingredient to succeed ....... members and most of those members will be small fish. This #newsteem movement is scaring the large bulk of people away from Steem(it) and while some may point out we can recruit more that will not always be the case. Scare enough away and leave enough with a bad user experience and they will never join again and likely advise there friends to stay away as well.

we can recruit more

This seems to be the focus now. I hope the big fish will start practicing now for the "masses" to come. What about the little fish, contests, and programs we already have If this all disappears, how will new blogs coming in succeed?

  ·  last year (edited)

I myself run small contest so I know too well all about it. I feel as contest and programs are an important part of user retention. As you said they play an important part in helping a newbie grow.

never mind about the small content creator, even the big one feel very unfair about the newsteem system .
First, the Ads revenue is not share with content creator.
It make no sense for content creator to do a long term value post.

If we really want to fix it, i suggest we do it like youtube partnership program.
steem side take 45% while content creator take 55% of the revenue ads . ads revenue will base on how much view the post manage to get. You need view to serve the ads.

Hmm.... I know it is odd that things drop off here so quickly, @hooiyewlim. I'm not sure how this could be repaired. I just want the current system to work for the little guys if it can. I am so busy trying to get to STEEMFest that I have the blinders on. I hope you are still tasteeming :)

@pifc has the same issues. There just isn't a lot of support from the top for things that don't directly benefit those with large accounts. Sometimes it's hard to see the indirect benefit from gaining more loyal steemians even if they aren't coming in with large sums of cash buying steem.

With each new account we have the opportunity to either create someone who will be talking to their friends in a Positive way about Steem or in a Negative way. It's not about that single account holder, but their entire network of friends and family.

Do we as a community want a positive or a negative conversation happening about Steem as our users small or large are talking to their friends and family? This really is the only question those with large accounts (ie large financial stake) should be asking themselves with each action they take.

Do we as a community want a positive or a negative conversation happening about Steem as our users small or large are talking to their friends and family?

We have the negative now, @pifc. Somehow the tide needs to turn.

This is indeed an alarming trend. The main stumbling block for manual curation is discovery. We don't know what we don't know and it is very tedious to dive through all the new posts to look for gems.

Yes, I completely agree with you, @culgin. Curating is very difficult work and not everyone want to do it. This is why these two posts can help to at least get bigger accounts voting for something that can help STEEM in general.

Whale Tip! Vote for Pre-Curated STEEM Posts

Whale Tip! How to Curate Contests on STEEM and Help Small Bloggers Grow

Also, yesterday I wrote a post about how I do tipu curating which might give some good ideas.

My @tipu Curator Tale - How I Find Your Post

But no matter what, it is work.

This is why I recommend some auto-voting for contest posts and other things you might want to see continue. Then do manual votes for some other portion of your day.

Or find a few small bloggers you like and auto-vote a post a day. Change it up each month or so. There are a lot of ways to do this. I need to write more posts on it...

Yikes ... those little 15 Steem Power downvoters are not a glitch ... that is purposeful ... yikes ... a lot of good info here that people need to know ... I vote on pre-curated stuff through auto-vote, so that is a good move ... but it has got to be hard for the new people who can't get up to the point yet that they are producing so that they can get curated ... yikes ...

Yes they are from some disgruntled steemer we think - ONE person. It's not easy to understand what goes on here, @deeanndmathews. So glad I can help and good for you to support others without spending all day doing it :)

If it is one person, that person must have several little accounts or bots ... every time I get one of those little votes, it is under a different name. If the person is building bots, then he or she can do that until he or she can wreck a whole lot of folks -- looks like we need some REAL detectives on Steemit to solve this (and I am keeping my eyes on patterns as they occur)

Yes, this is one person who now has 100's if not thousands of accounts, @deeanndmathews. This has been going on maybe for one year and is getting much worse now. I have seen posts with 30 of the downvotes on them.

Okay ... the challenge of course is that someone with that much power is hard to do anything against because who wants to lose what little we earn here ... but, I will not accept that this has to continue without any kind of handle being gotten on it.

Post me the links to the articles that are getting this kind of abuse. It's time to start gathering data -- and if my doing so provokes an attack, GOOD. It will make the data-gathering easier, and will be clear retaliatory abuse.

Well, this is not a big person with any power, @deeanndmathews. This is a small person who is funding hundreds of accounts with 15 sp and having them down-vote with bots. Since none of those accounts post or comment, there is no way to hurt them in steem.

You can easily see this on steempeak by looking at downvotes on people's posts. Many, many posts now have 1-2 of these downvotes now. Some posts have 30+. I am not tracking this and usually ignore.But the smaller you are, and the more votes you got, the more likely you are to get multiple 10% downvotes.

I have collected a bit of data now from the 1-2 I get of this type, and my data agrees with yours -- the issue here is that we do not need anyone driving off new people that are hard enough to retain just for the purpose of doing so. In a decentralized setting perhaps nothing can be done, but do we KNOW that nothing can be done?

On the other hand, more ACTUAL curation is a more uplifting way to counter this foolishness ... so, perhaps the energy is best spent there.

This post was shared in the Curation Collective Discord community for curators, and upvoted and resteemed by the @c-squared community account.
If you are a community leader and/or contest organizer, please join the Discord and let us know you if you would like to promote the posting of your community or contest.
@c-squared runs a community witness. Please consider using one of your witness votes on us here

Thank so so much for your support, @c-squared. I appreciate your help so much.

I understand @axeman's decision. I have a long running contest that is often my lowest paying post of the week. There was a time it had nearly 50 entries and now we are lucky to see 10. It seems silly for me to do the work and pay out 5 Steem every week and then it pays me back far less. I struggle each week with the decision to keep it going.

Make sure to drop your contest link into the PIFC's Pimp Your Post each week. Maybe you can pick up a little extra traffic from there.

Thanks! I will try to remember to do that!

Oh Dear! You have worked so hard on this too, @melinda010100. As I said above, I win a lot now since so few people are entering most contests. Same with bounty posts, dPolls and on and on.

I tried running contests when I got here and they are a lot of work. I am just praying some big guys see this and will help in an ongoing way. If the people running contests got votes on their entry posts, so much would improve here.

Do you know about ccc contests by @freedomshift and @team-ccc? They support contest runners over there and have days open. You get a good number of entries and help with prizes. Of course they could use more help too. Maybe that is an option to join with them. @wakeupkitty knows about this and might chime in.

Have you thought about giving out SBI in prizes instead of Steem? At least you get a little bit back through an upvote...

That is actually a good idea. Thanks @mariannewest I will make that change tomorrow on the new contest post.

IMO using SBI is a must. It rewards the winners long term and encourages them to stay on Steem vs having liquid funds to cash out.

I have made the change and you are right.

Congratulations @fitinfun, your post successfully recieved 3.3756345 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@rycharde earned : 2.250423 TRDO curation

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Interesting stuff. I'm not surprised. I have huge doubts about this whole approach. And I think in the long term the curation thing will drive the price of steem down not up. Why? Because as you point out curation is hard work. If you are going to do it properly you need to dedicate time to it. So you need to get paid. Which means taking money from the steem ecosystem. I also think that the people they curate (artists, etc) will take money out of the system because, hey they need to eat too. We have been sold a lie by these people. What I do notice is the people promoting the New Steem and running the big curation projects get high payout posts. What a surprise. Not.

This is why I am trying to get them to autovote contests, etc at least for some %, @felt.buzz. Now they are hanging up over 95% vp. So many of them are only voting posts that get over $20 payout now.

Gotta do my tipu work so I can get my 11 cents now, lol.

Excellent post. I like your perspective on things here. I myself have decided to make radical changes on my account but some of the changes just moved me to dlease.io and moving Steem into other projects. I agree there are problems, I agree we need some changes, I want what’s best for Steem. I also believe if a person buys a stake in anything or somehow earns a stake they should Be free to vote what ever content they want and as ofter as the want. The system limits us to our own power. Manual curation is ideal in a perfect world but most people enjoy the help of bots, I know I sure do. I want my SP working for me as hard as possible BUT still share with others. I felt like my overall “system” to earn Steem was fair for me and the risk I took, fair for others who did he same, fair for the minnows and new comers that I voted for EVERYDAY with a large part of my voting power and only posted once a day to limit myself to 7-8% selfvotes a week. I loved every persons content I have voted for for the last two years and that’s real talk facts! I don’t vote for those people anymore. Hell im terrified to give my own mom who has a drumming blog a 100% vote because I know she’s already voted my post. I have brought SEVERAL friends here who invested over 10k....I can’t support them every single day for one post? They are supporting me. I really don’t feel if I was even a top 100 problem on this blockchain. I did however decide to change the way I do things just due to the simple fact that how will I even know if it can’t work as well if I don’t give It a solid test for 90 days? So I now will not vote anyone that was ever on my voting bot ( about 30 accounts and most were not everyday posters) and I find myself voting for content I really don’t love BUT, I know the post won’t get downvoted by these centralized services and flag trails. Is this really good for Steem? I don’t want to make it easy to get Steem for people who only post activfit results or Steem monster or drug war battle results. I personally think that is a form of abuse. I didn’t downvote it because everyone has their own little way of trying to earn Steem. Relationships get forged, new Steemians meet and want to support each other, friends invest, family needs help, etc, etc. I see no way to stop this especially as it gets bigger. I want people to be incentivized to BUY Steem and power it up when they realize how much they can earn from owning it and using its power how they see fit. A well rounded market needs all of this.....it needs to be stretched in many directions. I understand curtation DEFINITELY helps stretch the pool but in a bear market we also need investors and they want ROI. Steem is awesome because there are lots of ways to get ROI but every way has its own set of consequences or limitations. That I love...what I don’t love is how groups of flaggers OR curators are formed to decide what goes and what stays when people like pharesim or acidyo hold the most massive part of the stake in the group. It’s like fanboy groupies letting a handful of people regulate what they think Steemit should be. I know one thing for sure, my long term goals have changed because of them and as soon as Steem hits a nice little rise.....I am moving money out and some other sucker will come in and conform to thier totalitarian rules. Jus my 2 cents....

This is really sad to read, @broncnutz. I find myself wondering if I should not go back to coursewriting or turn all my 2+ years of steem work into amazon books. I will see how it goes at steemfest, and I'm hoping and praying for the best.

I really love it here, but I have been known to turn on a dime before. People always tell me I am stupid for trying to help minnows succeed here, and maybe I will finally agree.

It's amazing how organized these gangs are now. I'm down with the tiny fish so all of the "bad ones" were already killed, and I have not been paying any attention to down votes. I have gotten few votes in two years from all the people involved, so it is just not a place I look.

I thought I would look in a few months when the dust settled. Maybe all we will have then is dust.

  ·  last year (edited)

Like for instance go look at my last 4 posts....Pharesim downvoted all of them 100% today. The reason he did it is because he has a bot set to counter any flag I use here. If I downvote someone who delegates to OCD because it’s the only way I can show disapproval to OCDB downvoting my posts he auto upvotes their content (no matter what it’s about) to cancel my flag...essentially taking my flagging power away while his group retains thier flagging power. So.....to counter that...I found junk posts that were ALREADY FLAGED to 0.00 by steemcleaners and then downvoted that crap post 100% to trigger Pharesim bot to vote the post 100% because I downvoted. So what happens is I spent a flag, he voted for a crap post that steemcleaners wanted removed (and so does Pharesim for that matter)..just to get the post back to 0.00! 😂😂😂😂 I made him run his votimg power down by me spending FREE flag votes!!! 😂😂😂😂 So then Pharesim got triggered and downvoted all 4 of my posts 100% because I got the best of him and the scam he is running here. In the end, I lose rewards, he lost power and the poster still made nothing. So dumb. Steemit is doomed with guys like this because today he just proved to me he is vindictive. I used the blockchain fair and square, was 100% flagging crap content that others have already flagged as spam or otherwise and because I moved around his ability to silence my votes he took it out on my hard work on a personal level......nominating himself as the Steemit Czar.

This is unreal. I am not up on this war at all, but somehow a truce needs to be called before the place goes up in flames, @broncnutz.

I do not know this Pharesim guy, but he thinks all is good down in minnowland based on comments we just exchanged.

I know that OCDB has a downvote trail and people blindly vote on it for some reason. A few minnows have been screwed. How they got talked into this I will never know.

Excellent report that gives a portrait of how steem's health is. Hopefully soon it will improve. Happy and blessed day.

I just saw your wallet transfer, @felixgarciap, and I am so grateful to you. I will be fighting for the little people ass hard as I can so we can all succeed.

Thank you very much for your words. Today, little people are the reflection of the greatness of a tomorrow in victory. :-)