My Entry for the Pay it Forward Curation Contest Week 72

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This week I am again featuring two of my fellow freewriters for the @pifc Curation Contest. These authors wrote for the Sunday Prompt we got of “running water.”

Both of these freewrites are on the supernatural side, a genre I never read. I am too sensitive for that, but still here I am drawn in. I’m also not much of one for fiction or for poetry, but freewrite often takes me to places I would not go on my own.

My first choice is from:

with an interesting and spooky tale I would life to see go on.

Running Water And The Vanishing Ice

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  • Written 4 days ago

This story starts out as if it might be true, but the end will make you know otherwise. I am very intrigued to know who is taking the ice and why.

I love the photo for this post. It is unexpected and also gives a feeling of hidden things.

My second choice comes from:

with an eerie mermaid tale

Running Water -5minutefreewrite

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  • Written 4 days ago

If you wonder what happens when a mermaid becomes a fish out of water, now you will know. Our mermaid has personality and demands in this poem! I like the interplay between the two characters here and finding out why pipes explode.

I hope you like these two selections and invite you to come on down and freewrite with us. @freewritehouse is closing in on 700 daily prompts now and you can always find today’s word on the blog of @mariannewest. We would love to see you there.

Here is the call for entry post for this @pifc contest:

The contest runs weekly, and this one closes at Saturday 08/24/19 at 11:59pm CST, so you have plenty of time to enter too! Just find two worthy steem posts to recommend and magic happens.

Thank you to all involved in this very helpful and motivating project:




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I will be back next week with more great posts for you to review.

This is Sharon at @fitifun, using my @fitinfunfood blog for this purpose.


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Thank you for your entry. Both of your bloggers have been upvoted and your entry for Curation Contest:Week 72 is confirmed.


Thank you very much, @pifc! I will be back :)