Today I want to manifest my dreams, but instead I am trying to pee

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I have the money to go to the doctor to get help for my edema, but at the moment I am too weak to go. I walked too far last night, and ate something bad for me and lying in bed is hard enough.

I read a great post by @metzli recently:

In it, she talks about keeping a manifestation journal and how her dreams have been coming true. We are friends, and I have been watching as she blogs the amazing successes she has had as they happen. You should take a look at that post and be inspired if you want to see manifestation at work.

I have been working on changing my life for the better for the last several months. I joined the Wind Challenge by @metametheus which lit a fire under me. You can find about how it worked here:

And The Wind Cried......

The idea was to make one simple change and see where that took you. I have extended this and feel great hope it will work. I want to get out of my rut and be more successful in many areas of my life.

I started looking into motivational sites on the internet. Everything tells you to act as if you have the thing you want. Believe it is coming and do not worry about the details. Set goals, work toward them, and be consistent.

I just recently found manifestation sites. I looked and realized I have manifested things before without knowing I was doing it. So now with knowledge and @metzli's example I am excited to get on with it for reals.

But then the excitement of STEEMFest and my overwhelming sickness since then have messed up every plan I have. Instead of feeling joy at the coming manifestation, I am feeling worry about my bloated body that will not release liquid.

I'm lucky I can do this 200 word post for the weekly “What does today mean to you?” contest by @freedomshift for ccc. Anything much longer is not happening these days.

Now it is raining in Kuala Lumpur, and I will go back to bed. The clinic near me is open until 9 pm and it is 4:30 now. Maybe I will get there tonight; maybe tomorrow...

My photo for this post is some pasta I did not eat. It was a friend's dish I shot for a tasteem review. But last night I did get pasta with tomato sauce to my regret. The portion was much larger than that you see here. It was delicious, and I should not have let one bit of it pass my lips. I was in too much of an eating frenzy to get a photo, so you will have to imagine it.

I used my HMNOTE 1LTE mobile phone for this photo.

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Get well soon.

Dari segi bumbu dan bentuk masakannya, ini sangat mirip dengan Mie Aceh

Get well soon respected sister

Thank you <3

I appreciate you reading and sharing my post.

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