Powering up beyond 100k Steem, preparing for HF21 and Communities

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It's been 3 years since I first joined Steem, and it has been a life-changing experience. In early 2017, I bought 30k Steem at around $0.15. I have held on to my investment and have had between 30k-40k for the majority of my time since I first powered up.

I never imagined that I would have more than 100k SP, but the low Steem prices, I took the opportunity to power up beyond 100k Steem. With the changes in HF21 increasing curation rewards to 50%, I'm looking forward to doing a lot more curating, and also looking forward to Communities on Steem and putting my stake to building some communities here.

Along with SMTs, NFTs on Steem-engine, the growing success of Splinterlands and Steem Hunt, growing number of dapps and communities on Steem, there's a lot to look forward to. There are many people talking down Steem and complaining about the Steem price, but personally I'm more excited about the development here than I've ever been, and I know when the price of Steem turns, it often turns fast and can often be explosive. Not sure about you, but I'm ready for the ride!

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That's huge, mate. Top effort :)

Thanks mate. :)

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Steem changed my life as well, giving me the help that I needed @nextgen622

That’s wonderful. Yes, I remember reading your story. I’m glad that the Steem community has been able to help. God bless you.

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You have a lot of faith..., I'm still biding my time.. I think it will drop lower.

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Good morning @nextgen622! Up before 🌄 (here) and following up on learning I had gained a new follower in the night - @steem.leo (just wrote a post about my 2nd anniversary investing into the new asset class ...)!

I checked out other accounts they are following and found your account. I have been on our Steem blockchain for over a year and a half and don't recall seeing it before now ...

Loved the profile description and, in looking over your blog, chose this one, for both the content and the awesome graphic here at the end. Now following you.

All the best to you and yours for a better tomorrow!

Thank you very much for the comment and follow. Appreciate the nice words, and all the best to you too. :)

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Certainly @nextgen622, it is my pleasure. It is always "new every morning" the marvel of this new technology and, through it, the opportunity to interact with others all over the world.

Per chance, in your 3 years of posting, have you written a post on your testimony? If so, I'd welcome a link to it!

Sorry I missed your comment. Only just noticed it today. Here’s a link to my testimony and intro:

Nice amount of steem to have powered up and let's ride.

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Wow! Congrats.

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Thank you

Congrats on +100k, I'm doing the same to prepare!

Thanks bro. Reading your posts always motivates me to power up more. :)

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Grats my friend, let's all hope it was a wise decision :)


Thanks bro. Yes, let’s hope so. :)

Had no idea that you were that big lol. Just goes to show what you can do. I think what you have achieved is remarkable and take my hat off to you. I will get there one day somehow as that is my aim.

Thanks. I only got there through investing.

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nice!! you've done well :)


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Jesus! Congrats on the HUGE milestone!!!

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On the account delegating to this one

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lol, naw he said Jesus, i asked where? :)

Haha nice one. :)

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#teamaustralia 🇦🇺

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