Mean Tweet Campaign... I love Steem, BUT....

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In keeping with my last post, I've decided the best promotion for Steem is complete and Utter (get the milk reference?) honesty.

Steem was designed as a Social Media Platform. We are capable of much more. As Splinterlands and some other apps have shown. Drugwars had a lot of potential at one time. However our brightest minds can only figure out how to change our own platform and argue with each other. In 2 Months Steem will be 4 years old. We are still fighting about Internal shit that no one knows about or cares about.

Our trending page is filled with the same geniuses not trying to promote Steem, not finding use cases for it not spreading a vision... but burning it! haha... Also, being mad with those who are at least making some effort at promotion. It's hilarious. At least they got those damn MILKERS and Circle Jerkers off the TRENDING page.

You will find no advice on how to attract or retain new users. They followed up the campaign where they flagged the people who bought and are holding the Steem the miners sold and called them vote traders and other nasty names. Even though they have all been selling and voting for each other since the beginning of the platform.

They have talked you into burning Steem and converting SBD and now they have important ideas on how to burn and donate Steem as if it is a charity... Steem User Base should totally be donating to ensure that the current stakeholders' stake is valuable.

All of this is meant to be taken in a slightly sarcastic tone. I think our stakeholders are adorable.

I don't really mind that Trending sucks and who wants to burn what, but I just find it ironic funny, Remember that Steem is perfectly fair in that every stakeholder gets to allocate their fair share to what they think adds value.

I'm tweeting about it... we might as well mock ourselves. Self-depreciation is funny, so is Steem.

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I almost instinctively downvoted this because I saw a potato.

You've ruined potatoes for me.



We need some good ironic milk posts on trending. Like a parody of the potato / burn posts.

I can see it now. Rewards on this post will be burned sent to my wallet. Full transparency.

Or better yet, let me come up w some fancy maths as a front to maximize curation rewards. No, guys it's totally economic benevolence!


My tinfoil potato theory is it's really just a paradigm shift since HF 21 changed the game but I would really need to examine the curation rewards of the voters. Think they just found an out for actually curating that seems altruistic but it's not.

I could be wrong though.

P.S. Believe mean tweets and self depreciating humor are two things I excel at in Twitter... But I know sometimes I take it too far and can be cringe or dadjokish. Comedy has inherent risk and like the Joker said. It's all subjective.

I did a short potato series two weeks ago.

Nice! Left you an apt meme I think.

You may want to come aboard the militant MilkPost movement. We just had a discussion on @whatsup's discord and we are gonna parody the potato.

It's gonna be an ironic circlejerk making fun of @sbdpotato. If we play our cards right, the milk will rise to the top. Because it's less dense. Science FTW.

Bring your best satire. Time to mash some potatoes! xffv6z.png

Also, check my latest if you wanna see the my first. It was way more substance and flavor than a tired ol potato. And I actually have a sense of humor. Unlike the cringe digital potato pushers.

You're OK though. Real potatoes are the business.

I agree we need a super tacky Potatoes and milk posts on Trending!

Ahhh you just glossed over the rest of it. lol

I guess I didn't give you any udder choice! Opinionated man is opinionated.

Also, I didn't notice your superb pun in the first read through so I totally had to steal it! Don't have a COW!

As you may be able to tell, I've gone FULL DAD!


sorry I missed it.


You're post might well be included in my daily news report!

Hope you are doing well.
I'm back (kinda, sorta).

ohhh, lucky me! FEATURED again.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

You only have a passing mention so far - full expose coming up.
(don't blame jehovah, it's not his fault..... Or maybe it is, I dunno.)

I finally stopped following Taraz, but it's a shame none of those here with means and business connections have never implemented some of his ideas. Every now and again he would talk of structures that had an immediate use case in the business world.

You see chains like Cardano teaming up with companies like New Balance and tackling national banks and ids, and wonder why the upper echelons of this chain don't see any profit for themselves setting up something similar.

They just think if they build it and fuss with it... they will come

Nice observations right there... An eye-opener

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We should vote for you as witness....Any plans on it in the future?

Asking for a friend ;)

I don't have the right skill set, but if someone runs it for me we can split the MILKING

What about supreme witness... one witness to rule them all, and in the darkness burn steem.

hahaha! Sounds perfect

Ha ha ha ha I hear ya. Yeah all I can do is dance on camera and do the marketing / social stuff...Not needed on Steem lol

I've decided the best promotion for Steem is complete and Utter (get the milk reference?) honesty.

I hear you my dear @whatsup.

Honesty!! is all it takes to get the rabbit out of the hat as the best act of magic. :)


All good Steemians should get back to milking and engagement.

Sure thing babe. They should get back here and ENGAGE till render the cow dry. :)

We have no network effect because of account creation.

Easy and fast accounts mean, Friends can invite friends.

You you tell them they have to pay, it looks like a ponzi.

There is no benefit for average user to come to steem.

  • They will never buy Steem

  • They will not post awesome content ( more Instagramm like posts)

But we need them. If Steem is used by the masses, it is worth to build on steem.

If nobody use it, it is worth nothing.

I think with RC steem is save for spam ( i know its impossible to stay 100% save), so accounts should be so cheap tribes, front ends, Games.... can easy use them without they have to pay thousends of steem.

Every User of Steem makes Steem more valuable.

Burn Steem? Make a account creation pool........

Wait some years more, the tech is old and the current community is dead.

The end users are not supposed to be the investors... they bring the investors, where people gather an economy develops... that IS the network effect.

no easy onboarding, no users, no devs, no investors ----> no network effect.

If something like Nextxolony would trend to the "masses", its impossible with the current system to onboard only 15k users for them.

Think about a Million Users.....

Next problem is, if a big site wants to join steem network with there users.

Steem is far away to be usefull for endusers or businesses.

Our trending page is filled with the same geniuses not trying to promote Steem, not finding use cases for it not spreading a vision.

Wolves used to travel in packs, but they do not have (and will not have) any vision. They are here for the food (money in this case). The wolves of the Steem blockchain are very hungry for money. But not only the Trending page is bad on the Steem blockchain. The same goes with most of the Steem blockchain users. They are selfish and greedy. So focused on their own blog posts that they do not even care about other people's blog posts.

The statistics are backing up this statement. There were 8 124 posts created on 2020.01.23, but the average number of comments is only 3.74. If we take a look at blog posts, then we can see that most of these comments are bot (or spam-like) comments. Sad. And people wonder why the number of the daily active users is constantly decreasing since months.

You cannot expect "spreading a vision" from such people.

When I saw Craig back on trending.......

Finally another opinion against burning and other artificial means of trying to influence the market. Hopefully the real market won't hold this against us, we don't all think alike.

An hour ago or less I posted an article asking whats the use of steembottracker? Last week I have bled hard from steemflagrewards downvotes. @Yabapmatt why did u create the bottracker? I also feel like quitting steem as a social media platform and use it as an investment property. There is so much biasness on this platform and I am not with it, I even don't know why downvotes exist either. Downvotes will kill steem and it will never arrive to its preferred destination/ promised land.

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We need downvotes. Thicken up your skin and get over it.

We also need engaged endusers.

Cognitive Dissonance

It is important and reasonable what you say, working without promotion is to want to speak being mute, more than fighting between whales and programmers, because not using that time in reviewing the means of propagation of our work, basting the development of those who somehow create dream publications, many publications I have seen that have excellent quality and only have five votes and zero comments, if we do not sensitize or value and take advantage of the talent that resides in Steemit, will never revolutionize.

I follow you on Twitter and post this post on my blog.

I accidentally participated in the Twitter campaign without knowing.


Yeah, I can tell you're still salty steem ain't 10 bucks.

yeah, super salty. I'm not the get rich quick crew. THEY are mad their week of mining might not support them for the rest of their lives.

I'd vote for you if you ever run for president of Steem

Well, I could.. but the tittle means nothing.

I know but it sounds pretty cool to say.

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