Today my birthday son number 2. Margarita Island (Venezuela).

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Time goes by very fast a day like today 2 years ago my little Edgar Elián died, thank God he is really healed of the eye. Today, because of the great crisis in our country, we could only congratulate him without being able to sing his birthday for the high costs of materials to avoid a cake and be able to sing his birthday, God wants this country to improve and next year he can arrive Easily cake and sing your birthday.

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"my little Edgar Elián died"
Hola mi amigo. :)
I think you meant to say he "was born" not "died".
Happy 2nd birthday to Edgar junior!

gracias amigo @drutter

I am so happy his eye has healed and I hope by his 3rd birthday you can have a huge party with gifts and a cake! !Tip 2.0

thank you friend @melinda010100 always grateful to you god bless her

My pleasure!

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🎊 🎈 🎂 Happy Birthday Edgar Elián! 🎂 🎈 🎉
So happy to hear your eye is much better!
Time is a fast one forsure! :-)

gracias amiga @shasta saludos