Cleaner Roads Thanks To Cannabis

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In places like Colorado, cannabis workers and users are helping to repair infrastructure and cleanup roads in the region.

It is estimated that as much as 198 miles are covered with cannabis funded cleanup efforts in Colorado thanks to the generosity of the cannabis industry.

This is some positive news for the cannabis market considering cannabis users are often ridiculed for the garbage that gets created at various cannabis festivals and events around the world.

One of the program efforts that is benefiting from that economic activity within the cannabis market is the Clean Colorado program which seeks to maintain and clean the roadways in the Colorado area.

Dozens of cannabis dispensaries are sponsoring roadways around the state

More than 50 dispensaries and various manufacturers and edible producers etc have made the move to sponsor cleanup initiatives for Colorado highways.

More than 60 percent of all the roads that are actively sponsored are being funded by the cannabis industry in Colorado.

Efforts to adopt roads and highways can be found around the U.S. and in other countries, with various organizations or private individuals sponsoring certain stretches of highway for cleanup etc.

It is estimated that the cost for adopting a highway is between $200-$600 per month.

Roadside litter in Colorado alone costs millions of dollars for waste management services to tackle it all.

The move to fund roadways also isn't likely to be a charity act on behalf of the dispensaries in a move to seek a tax credit either, as the national tax code prevents cannabis dispensaries from claiming any tax deductions or possible tax credits because of the federal scheduling of this substance that remains.

The situation between legal state and non-legal federal cannabis rules has been unnecessarily confusing and causing tremendous headache for many.

Another potential benefit to the cannabis companies getting involved with the highway cleanup is the promotion that they get.

Legalization has brought with it a web of overbearing restrictions for how cannabis companies can and cannot market their products or services to the world today.

By opting to use those cannabis company sponsored highway signs it seems to be a clever way to somewhat go around that web of difficulty and broaden the marketing approach. They can't buy billboard ads for cannabis companies in Colorado but they can sponsor certain stretches of highway and along with it they can put up a sign clearly advertising their company.

While getting their advertisement in it also helps to keep the community clean at the same time. This advertising is also much cheaper for them than a traditional billboard might be.


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100+ benefits of Mother Ganja for humanity and that's an understatement. Ban the government! Resteemed

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we were there the year before the vote and that was the case then with medical workers and activists. Very cool!

Bet we won't see the alcohol or tobacco industries helping to keep the environment clean, especially as the alcohol business is probabbly one of the biggest offenders.

where did you find this post I wonder? did you see it in your steemit 'my friends' feed?

you better get to oregon and come say hi. thanks for the love!

So very impressive.