MK ULTRA Cannabis Strain Review

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MK ULTRA is an indica dominant strain, said to be at least 60 percent indica.

Because it is a strong indica strain it has been suggested that it be used in the evening. You don't want to be consuming this one before you've got a lot of things to get done, it might easily impede the process more than a sativa strain might etc for obvious reasons.

The strain itself was named after the CIA's project MK Ultra and it is known to have strong cerebral effects.

The strain is a creation that comes from a mix of G13 and OG Kush, previously taking home the title of top indica strain at the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2003.

Instantly, I could taste the pepper flavor from the terpenes, but I also tasted what I thought was pine. But MK Ultra has a mix of peppery, mostly herbal terpenes, and a light cirtus flavor. I could barely pick up on the citrus. I guess it was the herbal that I was picking up on, not pine.

It's believed to have a thc level of at least 18.5 percent, some reports on this strain also suggest that it might even get up to 22 percent thc.

The CBD level is very low for this strain, around 0.1 percent.

The strain was very calming and relaxing, def hard hitting as it is known to be. For others who have used MK Ultra, they have reported feeling relaxed, sleepy, happy, hungry, even euphoric.

This strain, being a heavy indica dominant strain option, is often used for helping with a variety of ailments, and it didn't take long after smoking for it to fuel an instant calm, noticeable improvement for pain.

I would say this is a great strain to consider when looking for something to ease anxiety or stress, but it does have a strong taste and some might not like it for that reason alone.

Final verdict, while the MK Ultra cannabis strain is not my favorite indica strain that I have tried, it is one of the more effective that I have used.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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I got some Bruce Banner right now, I need to get my hands on this tho!

i have been keeping an eye out for that one! been wanting to try it

I have been keeping
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I now have one strain that is better not to smoke during the day. Very strong effect. After smoking this strain, all scheduled affairs can be carried over to the next day.

this looks really good! nice grow work, great gif