Steemit Casino Interface Upgrade Incoming & More

in casino •  5 months ago 

We at steemit casino pay close attention to what our players have to say in terms of feedback & even though things aren’t moving as fast as we would have liked to – we are still a small team trying to make your experience flawless – we still plan and make the necessary adjustments in the end.

As a result of your recent feedback regarding the user interface, in general, we will go ahead & make some much-needed changes starting with the front page & gradually improving the rest of the platform overall to 2020 standards. That’s why, in the upcoming days, you will experience more downtime/server maintenance compared to what you have been accustomed to since the launch, in September 2019 (close to 99% uptime).

Please make sure we will try to keep the server maintenance/testing to a bare minimum – all will happen during low-traffic hours - so you can still enjoy our games in the process. Your patience will be worthwhile as we want to keep the interface fresh & unique.

In addition, we are aware of the slower deposit processing times that some of you have experienced as of late. Even though this is not directly our fault – deposits are basically handled from the get-go by our crypto payment gateway processor and are heavily dependent on the gateway’s traffic at the time you top-up your account with credits - we will soon implement a new payment method that will make your deposits much faster, so you can have another option that can speed up the whole process without relying on any third-party, for that matter.

Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused by our upcoming interface upgrade. We are very hopeful you will like & enjoy the new steemit casino platform even more than before.

Take care!

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