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Hewo Hoomans and Hivers,

What a purrfect day it is. Giving you another throwback photo of me when I was just a few months old. Like I said before I didn't know who my dad was and I grew up with just my mom. I lost my two other brothers when we were barely able to see and walk. I was the only one who survived. Wherever you are my bros I hope you are just fine.

I don't like my title as I am a friendly cat that is how I was raised. I share my food I wait for my turn and I was never aggressive. On the photo is a mature male cat. A regular companion of my mom at some point I thought that he was my dad. I spend lazy afternoon with him and mom. I run around while they watch me explore and have fun. He was just a cool cat until I grew to become a little lad. I noticed the sudden change in him he would fight with me for no reason at all. My Hooman owner is perplexed too about the change and if he sees me being attacked by my Foster dad now enemy he would come running to rescue me while I shake in terror. I lost a lot of fur every time I get attacked that was traumatic for me.

Nine lives on hive

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