Why are cats afraid of water?

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Cats are afraid of water; This is one of those common facts that we accept, but we never think about what their reason is.


In fact, most furry pets take off as soon as they receive a drop of water or their feet get wet. Many researchers, responding to the question "why cats fear water", refer to the instincts transmitted to them by their ancestors. The hunters of fluffy mice and other small rodents had no need to get into the water, and humidification only threatened many problems.

First, the cat's fur forms a special insulating layer, which stops working, soaking. Unlike dogs, which can shake and run, cats track their prey, sit silently in an ambush and get wet, they can freeze quickly.

Secondly, the wet wool smells stronger, at the same time it scares the prey and attracts dangerous enemies.

Third, the dirt, which must be authorized for a long time, quickly adheres to wet wool, the bacteria multiply in it. In general, some problems that the modern domestic cat anticipates intuitively.

However, it is impossible to be 100% sure that the reason for the aversion to furry pets for water lies in the instincts. After all, some big cats, for example, tigers, servants and Sumatran cats, splash happily on it. Yes, and domestic cats swim well almost from birth, like to fish a fish with their paw or play with the current drip. This raises another hypothesis of why cats fear water: the home.

Despite the fact that most domestic cats do an excellent job with their hygiene, many owners prefer to bathe them from time to time. Often this happens without any discount on the comfort of the cat: the purr is placed in the bathroom, soaped with fragrant shampoo and poured with water from the shower without the possibility of slipping away: the owners keep it, despite all the protests , until the end of the "execution". Of course, after such a process, the water starts to cause negative emotions in the pet! However, if she gradually accustoms the cat to water procedures, it is very possible that she loves them.

How to rid the cat of the fear of water?

During the game! Pour 5 centimeters of water into a shallow bowl and prepare some floating objects, for example pieces of foam or molds. Gently, without splashing, throw objects in a bowl, attracting the attention of the cat. At some point, she will surely come running to hunt! So it will be your first positive contact with water. Later, you can transfer the game action to the bathroom with a small amount of water, placing a board so the cat feels he can leave the "battlefield" at any time.

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