How my life changed after becoming a CAT MOM!

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Today I would like to share a very special feeling with you all. So I used to be a person who hated kids and always maintained distance. I did give a rare kiss to kids of my friends but that was always a formality. I never wanted to have kids of my own and thought that kids are a pain. And then we got Noori...


Noori has changed my views about kids. When we bought her first, I wasn’t very positive. We got her because my husband wanted a cat. So I agreed to his demand and we got one. There was no love initially. I used to fear her, didn’t touch her and maintained distance. Greeted her often but never went close.

Time passed by and we became friends. I started to pat her, give her food sometimes, play with her from a distance. More time passed, friendship changed to love. Now I learnt to hold her in my arms, play with her while staying closer, feed her treats. Some more time passed and she got closer to me too. She used to come to my bed while I was asleep, pull my hair to ask for food and sometimes used to sit next to me and do nothing.


Today is a day when Noori, the cat, is my baby. I love her like a mom, feed her like a mom, clean her like a mom, play with her like a mom. So basically, she has become my baby and I have become her mom. I miss her while I am in office, I am possessive about her health, I am sad if I see her upset. I love feeding her things she love, I get her toys.


She has changed my thoughts. Now I think I would be a good mom, I think a won’t mind having a baby. Noori has induced in me the motherly instincts. I feel like pampering her all the time and leaving her alone is a big no no for me.



I think loving a pet is really pure because there are no expectations and all you care about is giving love. So if you don’t have a pet, I suggest you have one because it definitely makes you a better person.

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Cats are very magical creatures! Enjoy being a kitty mommy!

Thank you so much @scribbleit. And you are 100% right, cats are love <3

So cute and loving life I see after becoming cat mom

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

Thank you so much @appreciator. <3

You and your cats look wonderful!