It's Always Caturday In Velitasville

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If you have cats, you probably know how they can be finicky about their food. Mine do not like any kind of food that is chunks in gravy. They'll lick the gravy, but leave the chunks, and then meow at me that they're still hungry.

Normally this would be no big deal because I just buy pate kind then but it can be a problem because Yuan's allergy safe food often goes out of stock, and he is really limited in what he can eat without barfing and pooping all over the place, so I can't just buy a different kind when they're out.

And when I say "out of stock," I mean "everywhere except Amazon and Chewy by the caseload," which is over $40 a pop and I don't always have that.

There is a pouch, chunks-in-gravy that is often easier to find, but ...then they don't eat it. So what's a hooman to do?

fud 1.jpg

Put it in the blender, of course. Like a good servant. :)

fud 2.jpg

I had to add water to make it blend, but that's ok. More hydration for kitties is generally a good idea. :)


fud 3.jpg

Mmm, baby food consistency.


Yuan 52.jpg
Yeah, OK. That'll do.

He likes it!

fud 4.jpg

If my kitties eat half of their serving in the first few minutes, that means they like it. Neither of them are prone to wolfing it down. Maggie ate hers, too. :) I know y'all marvel that Yuan is an absolute unit, but he's really not chonky because he snarfs up too much food, I promise. He's just naturally prone to chonkiness. >^.^<

So there you have it, working hard so my kitties can have a better life. :D Now I know if all I can find is the pouch food again, I can just dump all of them in the blender with some water and have acceptable noms for kittehs.

I just had to share. What do y'all do to spoil your feline overlords? Let me know in the comments! :)

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