Curious Cat Went For What He Wants

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ever so curious cat


won't stop until


he is satisfied

Happy Caturday to all cat owners and lovers. It is almost Sunday here but anyhow here is my post about our pet cat. I took these when I saw him ever curious running around playing and jumping and going in circles. I thought he was nuts but that is how cats really are. They love to play with their peers and much so can play alone by themselves. There will never be a dull moment in their life I guess. If they feel lazy they sleep. If they are hungry they will ask for food. If they needed to cuddle they will catch your attention. If they feel bored they surely can play alone. That is how most cats I know are. Maybe if we can learn something from them as hoomans, those four things I mentioned are a nice things to start with. To be particular, we hoomans like the cats be able to be on our own. Issues and loneliness and discontent are there no matter what we do. Cats ask and go for what they want no questions asked. Hoomans tend to play mind games or feel hesitant for some reasons. If you want something then go for it as simple as that. These are just my thoughts and I did not intend to impose.

Hope you have a nice weekend my friends


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This is a very cute kitty and these are nice photos of him.

I agree; we should follow the cats' example like you said in your closing paragraph.

Happy Caturday!

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