CONTEST/CONCURSO: Looking Back/Look Forward (mirando-hacia-atras-mirando-hacia-adelante ) 2.28 "Drawings"

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Hello to STEEMIT friends, today I want to participate in this recreational activity, which is done by the friend @wakeupkitty, where she asks us. Is there something you look back or forward to this December month? In this appointment I want to make a retrospective of my old drawings, comparing my current works, this is the area that I have developed most in Steemit, I would like to share these positive experiences this December.

"Drawings a before and after"

I always see my drawings from many years ago, in this way I can see the progress of my technique, it is very important to save the sketches and drawings, of our first experiences as cartoonists, being active in the practices we can constantly see the progress and improvement of our drawings.

Drawing from 15 years ago

This work was done 15 years ago, they were my first practices with the pen technique, we can see that the paths are rustic and the texture is not well defined, nor the blurring is well distributed, in short it is a work of poor quality.

Current drawing

It's work is current, here we can see the positive progress in the technique, the paths are defined, the texture is smooth and well distributed, the blurring is fine, in a nutshell it is a good quality work.

Jobs that are in my Steemit blog

In this December of the year 2019, I make this retrospective of my progress the art of drawing, if you are interested in drawing, I invite you to visit me so you can see many publications that can help you as an introduction to drawing.

Thank you friends for your cooperation in the development of our community, greetings and success.

Here is the link to the contest


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Bienvenido al concurso amigo, suerte. Está fantástico ese dibujo de la chica con los lentes. Éxitos para el año venidero.

gracias mi amiga `por todo el respaldo brindado

Bienvenido @betzaelcorvo, a ser miembro en esta pequeña comunidad #CCC. No soy ducha en la materia, pero está a la vista su trabajo, en aumento del conocimiento. Felicitaciones.

Welcome @betzaelcorvo, to be a member in this small community #CCC. I am not a shower in the matter, but his work is in sight, in increasing knowledge. Congratulations.

I know exactly what You mean,
Sometimes the progression is

Wow! It's amazing to see how far you have grown in your over the past 15 years.
Time can really do the magic.
You have a wonder collections.

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Sin duda ha madurado tu expresión artística. El trabajo te ha dado bellos frutos.
Me encanta que estès participando en el concurso.
Bienvenido @betzaelcorvo

gracias mi amiga por tu comentario positivo

A very nice art 15 years ago.
Merry Christmas my friend.

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Un hermoso resumen de un trabajo continuo y hermoso, de crecimiento, aprendizaje @betzaelcorvo

gracias amiga por ese comentario positivo

Thank you for joining this contest. We gave you an upvote @team-ccc.

Your style changed a bit, developed but I like the 15 year ago drawing very much too. Great you join this contest.

I gave you an upvote and like to adk you to use the invitation too.

#ccc + invitation is a valid entry plus @team-ccc will upvote you too.

I wish you merry days and hope to see more from your work.

For now I give you number 1.

I invite @olivia08 to visit you too. Who knows you like to join her contest too.

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thank you very happy friend to see this logo here, greetings

@betzaelcorvo Tha k you for letting me know. Happy 2020. 💕

Hermosos trabajos.un gran resumen de tu vida con gran talento como pintor y ver como has progresado y has perfeccionado con tu tecnica del boligrafo. Bravo @betzaelcorvo

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