Contest CCC # 2.38 What do you do with ...? and announcement of the winners of the contest # 2.37

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Welcome everyone, to the contest!!.



Once again, the entries this week are very good. Each contestant expressed their feelings about butterflies. They placed stories, myths, verses, songs, drawings, verses and even some write about their spiritual appreciations about butterflies. All content in each post is appreciated. My sincerest congratulations.

There were 13 participants:

1.- @wendyth16.


2.- @wakeupkitty.


3.- @mariela53.


4.- @diosarich.


5.- @naylet.

6.- @marblely.


7.- @giocondina.


8.- @kgwork.


9.- @olivia08.


10.- @gingbabida.


11.- @heartbeat1515.


12.- @theresa16.


13.- @sarimanok.


The winner is #3 @mariela53 and you earn 1 Steem.

Each participant earns 0.150 Steem for your participation.

In addition, six participants earn 0,150 steem for having participated continuously, during the 4 weeks of the month.

And they are: @wakeupkitty, @mariela53, @marblely, @giocondina, @kgwork y @theresa16.

Prizes will be paid to your wallet within 24 hours.

A very special thanks to my friend @wakeupkitty who kindly sponsored this week's contest by delegating 3 steem.

Thank you all for participating and I await you all in the next contest.


This week's theme is:



Rice is a grain that belongs to the carbohydrate group. Carbohydrates in turn are transformed into our body into a great source of glucose that is sugar.
That said, it's important to eat this grain in adequate amounts so as not to suffer accumulation of fats in the body.


I like to eat rice in various ways. Combined with species, with legumes, vegetables. Accompanying fish, meat, chicken, etc ... I like rice in a tasty rice pudding or in coconut rice. I like drinks, like rice "chicha."


Rice water is also good for different topics of health preservation. In the loss of fluid and electrolyte, as a result of dietary disorders.

Now I would like to know in what way you like to consume rice. Your recipes for eating sweets, your recipes for a rice with chicken. How they like to drink a drink with rice. How to prepare a delicious drink with rice. I look forward to your recipes, your ways of using it. Or eat them. Do you plant the rice? do you harvest it? I have a friend who sows this grain. But I don't know how he does it.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure. I await your splendid recipes.

Thank you for your visit, comment and vote.

God always blesses us.

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From Venezuela to the world of steemit.


What is it about?

It's a weekly contest, starts on Friday and ends on Thursday afternoon. To start again on Friday.
Ends At 6pm Caracas-Venezuela time (GMT-4).

I will give the subject, and you have 6 days to develop your publication, on the seventh day, I won't be accepting more entries and the winners will be published along with the new theme of the week.

This contest is about topics related to nature. For example, by asking about "What do you do with rice?", You can develop a theme about planting, about cooking, about drinks, and etc ... your creativity is the limit.


• Write more than 200 words on the subject: "What do you do with ...?"
• Use the name of the contest in your title or content.
• Leave the link to your post as a comment below this post.
• Use the tag #CCC
• You can use the invitation of #CCC, at the end of your publication, so @ team-ccc can add a vote to it(see below).
• Only entry per account is allowed.


• Please, visit, comment and vote for other publications from the contest.
• If you put 3 photos or more, #CCC allows less than 200 words in the text.
• It's not mandatory to write your publication in English, you can do it in your preferred language.


1._ Paid for me.
2._ A winner of all entires: 1 Steem
3._ 0.150 Steem for each participant.
4._ 0.150 Steem as a prize for having participated continuously during the four weeks of the month.

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• Monday's contest: "What does CCC mean to you" by @ team-ccc.

• Wednesday contest: What does today mean for you ? by @freedomshif.

. Thursday contest: My favorite Thursday. By @marblely

• Saturday contest: "Looking back / Looking forward." By @wakeupkitty

• Sunday contest: Take a picture and comment. By @ olivia08.

• Sunday contest every 15 days: Lyric poetry. By @felixgarciap.

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Congratulations @mariela53! So many wonderful entries and some interesting interpretation of butterfly too!! This is really good to see.
Thank you for the contest and bonuses @gertu! It was a nice surprise to receive the additional STEEM for joining week after week :) Go go @gertu and CCC! :)
Now, on to rice, a staple for many countries in the world!

Gracias amiga @marblely. Me sirves de inspiración con tus bonos, pero nunca llego a tu gran generosidad ni espero superarlo. Estoy comenzando y mis ingresos no son lo suficientemente grandes para dar lo que realmente se merecen todos. Solo quisiera dar mayor agradecimiento a los que continuamente nos apoyan en los concursos. Es una excelente proporción entre dando y dando. Con sus excelentes publicaciones cada miembro se promociona a sí mismo y con estas mismas publicaciones me deleito aprendiendo de todos. Gracias por ser parte de este maravillosa familia #CCC.

Thanks friend @marblely. You inspire me with your bonuses, but I never reach your great generosity nor hope to overcome it. I am starting and my income is not large enough to give what everyone really deserves. I just want to give greater thanks to those who continually support us in competitions. It is an excellent ratio between giving and giving. With its excellent publications each member promotes himself and with these same publications I delight in learning from everyone. Thank you for being part of this wonderful #CCC family.

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Very good, upvoted and reblogged to thousand followers.. Many thanks to approve us as witness and curator.

Thank you for the support. @puncakbukit.


Thank you @olivia08.

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Thank @artturtle.

Congratulations to the winner!🥳

And thank you very much for the prize.
Rice is one of my favorite foods. 😁
Pity I hardly eat it these days.

@olivia08 I invite you to join this contest. 💕

@olivia07 es alguien nuevo? no lo conozco se parece a @olivia08.

@olivia07 is someone new? I don't know him looks like @olivia08.

Oh no my finger is tired of typing whole day. I miss nearly each letter. Thanks I changed it. 💕

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I've seen the wrong butterflies of yours @wakeupkitty 😅 I thought I've seen your post on this contest. Now, which contest did I saw the butterfly clip. I really need to buy a note book and start writing it all down already as you said 😪 I hope this memories of mine doesn't go messed up again after the notebook. 😁😁

I think you saw them in the shadowcontest hosted by @melinda010100 or in the contest hosted by @gertu (on Fridays)..💕

Yes. It's in the shadows contest. I found it again in the winner announcement. 😅 I guess I need to start putting in notes in my notebook today.

jajajaja si creo que estamos perdidos a veces, con tanta información. Adoro steemit y nuestras pérdidas de memoria. jajajaja

jajajaja if I think we are lost sometimes, with so much information. I love steemit and our memory losses. jajajaja @heartbeat1515.

Hahaha me too @gertu.

@heartbeat1515 you could do that and posts your notes once in a A hole. 😅

🤣🤣🤣 That could be the solution for my forgetfulness.

Thank you for the entry. Success.

You are the # 1

Thank you! 👍

@mariela53 Congratulations 🎊 on your winning.

Rice, I love rice. I'm going to do better on this. Not for winning butvfor my love for rice.
Your theme comes at a perfect timing, I just remember that we're almost out of rice. Need to buy it again before going home in the evening later.

Your fried rice looks really delicious and it makes me hungry. Can't wait to get some breakfast after I'm off this train. I'll send my entry later.

It's very good. I wait for your delicious rice. And have a good meal.

It's very good. I
Wait for your delicious rice.
And have a good meal.

                 - gertu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This haikubot is
Very interesting, I'll
Try to play with it.

I hope I can make you drooling 🤣🤣
Give me some time. I'll be back.

Así lo espero, que me hagas querer comer de tu arroz.
si, trata de jugar con él haikubot jajajaja.

I hope so, that you make me want to eat your rice.
yes, try to play with him haikubot hahahaha. @heartbeat1515

Haha @haikubot makes me want to try the haiku contests again.

gracias por tus felicitaciones.

You're welcome.

De nada

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dentro de Steemit, @gertu

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Gracias por el apoyo @club12.

Hola @gertu muy agradecida por ese premio.

Es merecido. Te esmeras en tus publicaciones. Es un placer tenerte concursando y ver tus magníficas ideas par el concurso. Felicitaciones !! @mariela53.
Por favor, ten en cuenta agradecer a nuestra querida @wakeupkitty, quien esta semana fue patrocinadora de este concurso.

Thank you for hosting this contest. We gave you an upvote, wish you good luck and a great weekend.
Please note all upvotes are manually given and we have a lack of SP to support each member.
Greetings @team-ccc

Gracias por su apoyo siempre. @team-ccc.
Cuando dice que le falta SP quiere decir que deberíamos delegar más para que tengan más poder?? Si es así les daré más apoyo. Espero su respuesta. Gracias.

Thank you for your support always. @ team-ccc.
When he says that SP is missing, does it mean that we should delegate more so that they have more power? If so, I will give them more support. I am looking forward to your response. Thank you.

We can always use more SP but for now we will just upvote a certain amount of members a fay. If we do this our upvote has more value. Thank you for your support. Greetings @team-ccc

ok. Gracias por la información. @team-ccc.

okay. Thanks for the info. @ team-ccc.

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A new great contest! @gertu

Saludos amiga @mllg. Espero verte con tu gran publicación sobre tu arroz. Te espero!!

Saludos @mariela53, ahora si estas en el concurso. Gracias por completar tu entrada.
Tienes el #2.

Gracias por tu participación, que tengas éxito.
Tienes el #3.

Gracias por la entrada, éxitos para ti @dulce160.
eres el #4.

Hola @gertu!
Mi entrada :)
Gracias amiga!

Thank @marblely for the participation. Success.
you have #5

Éxito @theresa16. Gracias por tu participación.
Eres el #6.

Thank you @olivia08. Success.
You have #7.

Hola mi querida @kgwork.
Eres la #8.

Bienvenida @daysiselena, gracias por participar.
tienes el #9.

Saludos querida @wendyth16.
Eres la #10.