Lo mejor de un agricultor,es recoger los frutos de su esfuerzo y trabajo diario! The best thing about a farmer is to collect the fruits of his effort and daily work!

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Mi cultivo de banana en los últimos días me ha dado unos frutos maravillosos, cada vez que vengo a mi parcela veo como mis plantas de banana y topocho han mejorado después de haberlas desmalezado y limpiar todas las hojas secas y dañadas
Hoy cosecho estos racimos de cambur,de los cuales comparto con mi familia y vecinos cercanos.
My banana cultivation in the last days has given me some wonderful fruits, every time I come to my plot I see how my banana and mole plants have improved after weeding and cleaning all the dry and damaged leaves Today I harvest these bunches of cambur, which I share with my family and close neighbors.

Muchas personas me preguntan si yo lo vendo,pero no, no los vendo por que a los niños les encantan esta fruta y a mi tambien me gusta y en batido mucho más.
Many people ask me if I sell it, but no, I do not sell them because children love this fruit and I also like it and a lot more smoothie.

Mi madre y mi esposa agarran los topochos no muy maduros y los ponen a sancochar para así completar nuestra comida diaria.

My mother and my wife grab the not very ripe topochos and put them in a parboil to complete our daily meal.

También con el topocho verde lo rayan,hacen arepas y quedan muy sabrosas..!
Also with the green mole they scratch it, they make arepas and they are very tasty ..!

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Some wonderful topochos mi amigo, congratulations. Best wishes to your family.

thanks friend, @drutter I wish you are well, how is the family? How is your child?

Gracias amigo, we are doing well right now. How about you and your family?
Here the lockdown is ending, but maybe only for a few weeks, and then maybe more lockdown. What a terrible time and I feel badly for the poor, and people in countries with hardship and turmoil like Venezuela. Stay strong amigo.

Friend, my family, thanks to God, is fine, we have health that is important, here they also relaxed the quarantine a little, but maybe in a few weeks they will put it back. right now the problem is gasoline friend there is no gasoline some gasoline stations were supplied and that was not enough for anything. But what is coming for my country in a few days is going to be an ugly friend, as far as this gasoline that they brought from Iran ends, I don't know what will happen here, this has me worried. I try not to despair and keep calm but, but I know that what is coming is ugly for my country. I am glad that this good friend take good care of yourself.

Hola, como estas?
What are the main uses for gasoline there, Edgar? Do you need it for your car? Gas electric generator? Boat fuel?
I have heard about the tankers from Iran bringing fuel to Venezuela. It is a shame your country can't process the oil there. The same problem in Canada... we have plenty of oil but it must be sent to the USA for processing.
In my own life I don't use gasoline for anything. My house is electric, I do not have a car or boat, I do not use a gas generator. Many new cars here are becoming electric cars, amigo. But only the rich can afford to drive now, and I am not rich.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 8 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!