ChallengeDac App Contest- I have completed

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Hi Friends,

I got to about the ChallengeDac contest run by @challengedac Team and a post made by @citimillz


Challenge is a blockchain based gaming app unlike anything else.
Challenge allows users to win rewards instantly and for free by downloading the application.
Once download, a player can use their rewards to set up challenges to send their friends and family, like getting to work on time or going to the gym.

Here is the post that I have gone through and downloaded the app and created account as well.

I downloaded android version of app on my phone and its got within a minute because app size is 17mb and dont much space on phone.


After opening the app I got the option to create or import account. Since I had no account so I went ahead with account creation and created a new one for me with user name alokkumar121
I got 20 CHL token immediately after creating account and its showing in this snapshot.


Here is another snapshot showing the CHL token credit transaction.


Entire process was super easy and smooth. It took only 5 minutes to install the app, account creation and mobile OTP verification etc.

Here I provide all the social media handles of ChallengeDac along with official website etc. Connect with them to have all the updates about this project movement.

ChallengeDac Official-
ChallengeDac YouTube:
Twitter: @ChallengeDac
Reddit :

Thanks to @citimillz for sharing details about this contest.

Thank you so much.

Have a great weekend.

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Hello @alokkumar121

Thank you for following @haccolong account. As a follower of @haccolong this post has been randomly selected and upvoted by @hoaithu's Curation Trail.

To earn more rewards with your Steemit account. Check through some of the ways at this post.

I will continue with random upvotes in the future &
wish you lots of luck :)


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Thanks, here is your upvote and heres 1000 chlp

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Thank you so much for your support. Your support makes lots of people do great work including me and I just love your app. Have a great day.

Thanks for downloading the Challenge App @alokkumar121. Start sending and recieving challenges to earn more CHL. Tell your friends about ChallengeDac App.

Join us on Discord

Thanks for sharing details about the project and sending rewards tokens. I have also received upvote.