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The co-founder of the @challengedac Dapp Mr Kent Eskam just uploaded a YouTube video yesterday about how the new Global Blockchain Social Media Platform App will bring about positive developments in the lives of humans. The Challenge Dapp is an App that is used to send and receive challenges. The San Diego Eos based App is a Geo-Specific and Time sensitive App meaning that a challenge sender must set the location at which the challenge receiver must be and also the time so the receiver can unlock a Crypto reward after carrying out the task. That is quite impressive. The App has a local currency called CHL which is used for payment on the Dapp. This coin is available on Newdex, Okex and even CoinGecko. ChallengeDac has a pegged token on Steem-engine.
The ChallengeOS Founder also mentioned that the App will also be used to empower School Children in Afrcan Countries who cannot afford their education fees. This means, someone can challenge a teacher to go teach in a school to unlock a reward or challenge a Student to go to school and learn so as to unlock a reward and take care of his or her needs. Mr Kent said this after he read a Steemit post from @mcsamm about the Girlsfoundation in Africa whose key aim is to empower school girls who cannot afford money for their education.

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