What Token Should Be Added To The ChallengeDac Dapp?

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The @challengedac Team is Currently working on the Dapp's Features so as to keep providing a User-Friendly experience for it's users. So the Team has decided to reach out to it's Users. Team @challengedac will like to know what token it's users feel should be listed on the App as one of the Crypto Payment options. Presently, the two coins that are used for payment actions on the Dapp are CHL (The App's local currency) and EOS. Since the ChallangeDac Team is one that cares about the well being of it's users, they want to know what the choices of users are. Comment your thought on the comment section of this post as the team is all ears to listen to your Opinion.


The ChallengeDac App is an EOS Based Global Blockchain Social Media App which can be used to Create an Fulfill Time sensitive and Geo-Specific Task. It operates with the GPS function. With the App, One can Challenge A friend to go to school, work etc. And the friend Unlocks a Real Time Crypto Reward once he or she is done with the task.

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How about the sandiego token, $SAND?

Really wish these token goes a long way...kudos to the team