I love the challengedac app and I made a video

in challengedac •  4 months ago 

The challenge is a user-friendly blockchain App that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards.

A challenge is a selected place and time a player has to be in order to unlock the challenge and receive their blockchain rewards.

Here I bring you the challengedac app
I love the because it's an EOS based application and because it is GEO-specific and time sensitive app
Users create challenges on the app and then create a reward for the challenged, this creating a friendly atmosphere on the EOS blockchaiñ

The challengedac app has a native token called CHL and it has an asset on steem engine CHLP waiting to be listed on steem engine

The app is available for all platform compability both IOS and Android users ....you can get the app on play store

Just search for challengedac app

I love challengedac app

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