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тестовые игры
Scheme of games for today

chess.com (46.15%)lichess.org (30.77%)brainking.com (7.69%)<= register13.07.2020
Fischer Random (960)10+07.00GMThttps://www.chess.com/live#t=1313399
Crazyhouse (25%)5+1012.00GMThttps://lichess.org/tournament/eK3twr7v
Dark (30.77%)1h
Extinction (29.41%)1h
Ice Age (20%)1h
Recycle (29.41%)1h
чтоб внести в установки изменения - просто голосуйте;                               
зарегистрировавшись, оставляйте тренировочный камент в формате невезухи;                            
и получайте тестовые моральные компенсации                                  

У брэйнкінга голосов пока маловато. В лидерах новое время = 5.00GMT

  • на лічес помните о режиме берсерка

Для начала создано пару сообществ "Шкоролевство на блогчейнах" (queendom on blogchains)
(створено: 11 та 12 лип. 2020 р.)

  1. https://www.chess.com/club/shkorolevstvo-na-blogcheinakh
  2. https://lichess.org/team/RppB0sAq
  3. перерегистрация на аяксплєйкоме для шустрой игры втёмную ничё не дала, сайт грустит

summary of previous episodes

See howmany islandswithouttheright kings and queensUTC
Saint Helena(0+0)2Northern Mariana Islands(+10)
Faroe Islands(0+1)1Solomon Islands(+11)
Isle of Man(+1)2Marshall Islands(+12)
Vatican(+1+1)1American Samoa(-11)
1Israel(+3)1Sonoran Desert(-8+1)
1Georgia(+4)1Chihuahuan Desert(-6)
1Bhutan(+6)Turks and Caicos Islands(-5+1)
1North Korea(+9)Cape Verde (15)(-1)

(actually, there should be a checklist with your favorite places in your time zones)

If we want to saturate the people with something, money should be tied to a loaf, a ticket to the circus and other petty frictions

The causes of tribal degeneration are not economic but mental

After the game, while emotions are fresh, players leave a comment in format

playerimaginary teamtoday no luck
nickname from the game sitefavorite music styleyour interpretation

A modest friendly upvote of accomplices pours about a dozen coins to unlucky, thus increasing compensation and reducing the number of uniform movements from the side of admins.
You can even embed a screenshot, for example

image.png (shoegazing)
провтыкал вечный шах, о'горе мне

Compensation will come on the next, 3rd, 5th, 7th and trifle on the 14th day. To each - according to his fork (numbers are better on steem, you can change residence at any time in the settings).
In theory, seven days a week:)
And for starters, the players themselves will determine whether they are supposed to claim a sedative.

at the 7/8th step Tribal chiefs are invited to participate:)

  • Play and reward who is bigger.
  • топать так топать

style differentiationabcdefghik
heavy metal@jrevilla@kobusu@elprofe62@gingerbyna@creativecoin@foxconnmars@fiveboringgames
ru-rock, punk, R&R@kreur@maxer27@mstafford@khaleelkazi@infowarslife@neoxiantoken@marcusantoniu26
grunge, hard, indie@yazp@vadbars@the01crow@gravitcaper@rafaelaquino@teamukraine@sportstalksocial$

Dynamics leading by type of game

1Четверні11випадкові Капабланки21Слона
2960 по Фішеру*12Кінні22Божевільні екранні
3Амазонські13Цар гори23Кутові
4Атомні* (18.18%)14Крейзіхаус* (25%)24Знищення (29.41%)
5Бегемота15Фортечні (кутові +3) (15.79%)25Циклічні (29.41%)
6Бероліна🨯16діагональні Легана26Циліндричні
7Великі17Льодовикові (20%)27Чеширського кота
8Втемну (30.77%)18Парні28Екранні
10до 3х шахів*20з кістьми 10х1030Шведські 2х2


*(Y) на всіх 3х сайтах

change settings
  1. We change the world order (blockchain/0)
  2. Hour play
  3. Style teams (first-generation)
  4. Gaming site
  5. Time control
  6. Type of game (30) (broken, vote 10 each in reverse)
  7. Token connection (type of game-3)
  8. Pegging (on the revival of extinct tribes) - (type of game-2)
  9. Additional compensation (type of game-1)
  10. play test start
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Sorry, I don´t get it what it is about.

Another institution of ownership. Another financial system. For example, in a game, the reward is received not by the winner, but by the one who is unlucky

interesting idea!

main management tool - permanent voting with ratings (influence factors based on Elo ratings) using social blockchains (blogchains)

this is a new system of world order based on fairy-chess. Virtual reality on top of the political globe