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Happy afternoon and blessed to all. To reflect on the word of God, today I quote John 14: 23-24:

He who loves me will obey my word, and my Father will love him, and we will make our abode in him. He who does not love me does not obey my words. But these words that you hear are not mine, but of the Father, who sent me.

These words speak of fulfilling the word of God, of fulfilling his will. Speaking of fulfilling God's will, people can also be wrong. Some Christians believe that we can only fulfill God's will if we feel it. If we do not feel it, then we are free, because God does not want people to do anything if they do not feel it.

God, of course, wants us to do his will and feel it. However, even if we do not feel this, it is still better to fulfill his will than not to fulfill it at all. Let's look at the example given by the Lord, where he said: "And if your eye seduces you, tear it and throw it away from you ..." (Matthew 18: 9). He did not say: “If your eye seduces you, and somehow you feel in a special way that it is necessary to take it out, then do it. But if you don't have that feeling, then you are free of it. You can leave it intact to continue seducing you. The contaminated eye must be eliminated, regardless of whether we feel this need or not, the same happens with the will of God. The best option is to realize it and feel it. If you don't feel it, do it anyway, instead of disobeying God.

The love of God and his grace are condescending to those who love God, that is, to do his will and to do his pleasure. It is better to fulfill God's will, even if we do not feel the emotional impulse of preparation, rather than disobeying it. This does not mean that we should be insensitive robots. We can always turn to the Lord and ask him about another option if we believe it is very difficult for us to fulfill his will, but we unconditionally accept any of his answers. God, of course, can open a different path for us, because He is the most beautiful, merciful and kind Lord and Father with all his children.

But tell me, do you always go to work, guided only by your feelings? Do you try to wake up in the morning to understand your feelings about your work and then, based on your feelings, decide: finally, get out of bed or dig even more under warm blankets? You are doing this: I do not believe you DO your job regardless of your feelings. But every time it comes to fulfilling God's will, we dedicate too much space to our feelings.

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Certainly he who loves God obeys and keeps his word, in this we know that we are his children because we hear him and we are not only listeners but doers.