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We are enjoined by God’s Word to flee every appearance of evil. There is no wisdom in flirting with what God says we should stay away from. There is no super man in this thing. Jesus, warning His disciples said –

“What I say unto you, I say unto all, WATCH”. Mark 13:37.

Watch that place you keep going, watch that movie you can’t get away from, watch that relationship that is gradually taking your attention away from your spouse. Don’t say you are too strong to handle it. Your adversary the devil is such a smart opponent and he daily waits for your unguarded hour. You cannot afford to play loose.

Overexposure weakens resistance. Samson was a man of strength. He stood in resistance to Delilah’s appeal to reveal to her the source of his great strength. The more he released himself to the unholy romance with Delilah – a prostitute, the weaker his resistance became and the closer he was to revealing the source of his strength. He kept on until he couldn’t hold it any longer. Right on the laps of Delilah, he had his hair shaved and he became an object of ridicule.

It is wonderful to take a stand to stay holy it is however, more fulfilling when you maintain the stand. It takes a conscious effort to overcome those things that tend to antagonize your stand. Overexposure to contrary winds breeds all manner of unholy possibilities. Overexposure to the forbidden fruit contributed to the fall of man. It was when Eve took a critical look at the forbidden fruit that she saw it was a fruit that could possibly make one wise. That was it and mankind was ruined.

Every exposure to evil kills something in you meant to keep away from evil. Every little indulgence in the arena of evil increases your horizon in evil indulgences and slacks every in-built resistance you have developed against evil. Every further indulgence wipes the caution away from your eyes and before long, you become an addict. A little leaven leaventh the whole lump.

A little talk soon becomes an all night talk of “sweet nothing” with someone your matrimony forbids for you. A simple visit soon becomes compounded with all manner of questionable activities. Stay divinely cautioned and enjoy sweet rest.

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