Do you know the destiny of Stars?

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Every person on earth do have a destiny; it could either be a great one or one that is not good. This depends on how much we put into our lives, how we have positioned ourselves in God, how much we have learnt and worked etc. We are the creator of our destinies to some extent.


The predetermined purpose behind an action or a life is what is known as destiny. It is also a fixed end set for someone by the Maker of everything - God! God has an intended plan and destiny for every man He created and one can only reach that fixed end designed by God if He is rooted in God and His word.

God has good and great plans concerning everyone on earth; He says in the book of Jeremiah that He (God) knows the thoughts He thinks towards us and that there are good thoughts. This implies that God only has good and rewarding destinies for everyone He created. Howbeit, some destinies are not always a happy ending. This is so because these persons are still in ignorance and dominated by the devil.

You are a star and God wants you to shine and nothing will stop your from shining. Upon creation of man, God had a predetermined purpose He so wants us to achieve. But you can achieve what you do know, that is why it is necessary for us to know our purposes on earth. To discover purpose, one has to refer to the manufacturers manual - the Bible. We can only discover purpose going back to the one who created us.

God always determines the end from the beginning, then He starts to work out His plans. He is just too purposeful to do anything without a glorious ambition. He desires that we discover and know the good purposes behind our existence on earth. Stop living a life of no purpose; go back to the word of God. Jesus discovered His purpose from what was written in the bible about Him. Something has been written about us; discover and live it.

God bless you!

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Signs point to yes

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I always believe in Destiny. My life has been that way. 😌😌😌

Very well then..but you have a lot to do to fulfill purpose

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