Is there anything too hard for God?

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Obviously, there is nothing too hard for the Mighty God to do. Irrespective of how hard and impossible it may look in the eyes of men, God can do it; He can make a way where there was no way. God can bring to existence what no man ever thought could have been created. He can also bring to life whatever seemed dead and not working.

Thus, you should never give up or lose faith in God. Remember Abraham and Sarah in the bible? Biologically and in the eyes of men, none ever thought or would have imagined that the duo would have a child. But God who does His things in His own ways gave them the promised child - Isaac. God values His words and promises hence He would always bring to pass what He says.


I do not know what you may be going through and the challenges you may be facing. Many may be mocking and laughing at your present predicament but look up to God. Through prayers and supplications, make your requests and problems known to Him. He will definitely make a way out for you in due time.

There is this aunt of mine many thought would never get married being that she is really advanced in age. Some even said she's passed menopause that no man would agree to marry one that won't bear a child. As God would do it, on the 14th of March, 2020, she would be legally and formally married. That is what God do.

No situation is too big for God to handle, no sickness too hard for Him to heal. Also, no one is too hard for Him to break, mould and use. Look at Paul Apostle, he was a church persecutioner but God turned him to a preacher of the Gospel.

Whatever the problem, channel it to God. Believe and trust in Him to bring to pass all He has promised you. Never give room to doubts and unbelief for God dislikes it. God bless and turn things around for you as you will trust absolutely in Him alone.

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God can do anything but it's really hard sometimes when God doesn't act. Like in my case where my first wife died when she was 30 and our two children were both stillborn. Sometimes there are things that you really want in life and you don't get them.

Great @tomlee, there is nothing too hard for God to offer

Yes brother