Is complexity required in the world of cinema?

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Most of the critics advised watching this movie several times due to the great complications in the story, perhaps the most difficult movie the viewer may find difficult to understand .. The movie is very complicated, some say that this is exaggerated, but I do not think so! A story about time travel is very enjoyable, and director Shane Caruth has worked to make everything as realistic as possible, unlike most movies on this list. The story is about 4 friends who unintentionally invent a machine to travel through time, a huge invention with endless possibilities .. At first they use the machine to bring money from the stock market, and then weird things start to increase. It is reported that the film was written, directed, starred, produced and almost everything by a software engineer: Shane Caruth who made this film with a regular camera and a budget of $ 7,000.

Monkeys 12:

James Cole is a convicted person who is sent to the past (after an outbreak of a dangerous disease that could destroy the world) to gather information about the man who made this virus that has killed more than half of the Earth’s population .. What happens after that James begins to think himself crazy and loses his composure In fact, exciting and exciting events take turns in this exceptional movie that brought together Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in the lead roles, in addition to Madelina Stoy .. The film is directed by Terry Ghillam.

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Coulter Stephens is a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown person and discovers that he is on part of a mission where he has to find a criminal who has done a terrorist act, which is to blow up the train that Coulter “with the unknown body” on board and prevent him from carrying out another operation. The soldier's many attempts to get to know the criminal, as he only has 8 minutes each time he sees himself in the UFO until the train explodes and is resurrected again .. It is reported that who ran this process told Coulter that this is not a time travel but a manipulation With memories of the people who died on the train !! But who knows the harm to the timeline that their intrusion might make? Casting: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monegen, Vera Farmega and Jeffrey Wright .. Directed by Dzincon Jones.

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