ROR:what are you doing in ROR?

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The mercenaries which I had spent months were unable to continue fighting because their lives had expired. Don't know what the players feel like? What do the game developers think?

I have invested more time in ROR. I wanted to continuously upgrade my ordinary mercenaries untill they reached level 10. They will be upgraded to senior mercenaries according to the design of the game developers. However, after I have tried this for a long time, it was found that in the current situation ordinary mercenaries can't be reached level 10 by upgrading.

Normal mercenaries need 7776 experience points to upgrade to level 7, and 16807 experience points to upgrade to level 8. Because my highest mercenary is still only level 7, it is not clear how much experience you need to upgrade to levels 9 and 10, but it is guessed that level 9 requires at least 32,000 and level 10 requires at least 64,000.

At present, the most effective and sustainable upgrade method is to fight with thief at the A basement of BUSAN, and get 21 points of experience per hour. If a player is loyal to ROR and persists in fighting 8 times a day, then he can get 168 experience points per day, only 16800 experience points in 100 days, and can barely reach level 8. However, it is difficult to find that the lifespan of a typical mercenary is less than 100 days, let alone to reach level 10, at least 64,000 experience points are required. In the current maps, it takes 400 days to reach level 10.

If loyal players can upgrade to high-level mercenaries through ordinary mercenaries, either extend the life of the mercenaries or develop efficient maps.

Friends who are still playing, what are you doing in ROR?


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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

there are two layers of upgrading mercenaries:
exp, as you described in post
and enhancement which you can do in the house by enhancement( it's like adding another mercenary to existing one till +10 with lower probability of success with every next try. Then in promotion tab making it a higher grade, quite easy

then, of course, it's best to use mercenary to end of his life and close to that upgrade to +10 and change to higher grade :)


what am I doing in ROR ?

building and testing item sets :)

Thanks for ur advice!I spent 1.9 million coins to level up one of my mercenary to 10 yesterday.It is really quite expensive!

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

sometimes yes, sometimes it goes very easy :)
my first one was very easy, then with next one am still at +9 after burning 30-40 mercenaries to make it from +8 to +9

looking for the right items with proper boost and upgrading it gives a lot of fun too :)

Buying items price or purchasing via DIA market are very expensive. But, Gaming reward RORS is small amount and low price.
To get high level of mercenary, it is very difficult. And life time of mercenaries is very short.
To get various resources, I am using many many hours or times.

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Now there are few players to write articles about ROR.More and more players of ROR are going.

ROR Game Starting plan is not good as DrugwarS, I seem. And you?

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