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Another busy day roasting coffee, but today I also had visitors - prospective buyers of a coffee roaster from London they drove up to Yorkshire to see my machine in action to help them decide if it was the tool for their new business. For me it was perfect multitasking - I have 6 batches of coffee to roast today for orders and my guests watched me use the roaster for three of them - plus they took a 500g sample back home of the Indian Monsoon Malabar they saw me roast. That's pretty awesome - you see a potential piece of equipment you might buy working, and take home a sample of what it produced in front of your eyes. And for me - I fulfilled my coffee orders and very likely sold another coffee roaster at the same time - double bubble.

2020 Has started crazy we have been so busy, but also I'm desperately trying to chase out big customers who like ordering and getting their order on time...but when it comes to paying so S L O W. It's exactly why 90% of my customers pay upfront, because chasing money is dead time. But when you are getting Purchase Orders for big values from established big business's they expect suppliers to work on their terms not yours - and you have to either toe the line or loose the business. So I have a few big volume customers who pay on their terms..but then they drag it out and you have to keep pressing them or the payment takes forever to arrive. I don't like having to constantly chase people for payment, but any business has overheads and these clients go a big way to cover them - but chasing the money is a pain - and if they default that lucrative order quickly becomes a massive loss - so you can't just ignore it, because the supplier that doesn't chase is the one that ends up not ever getting paid...


That my friends is a 30kg batch coffee roaster, it's an enormous beast but will turn 30kg of green coffee into roasted every 15 minutes depending on roast style. Most of you the follow me know at the moment I have been running my 5kg batch coffee roaster for a good 3 years.


1kg batch roaster in red, 5kg batch roaster in black - and the 5kg has served me well but October 2019 up to December 25th 2019 the 5kg was flat out all day every day - and me with it because every 15 minute roast needs watching from start to finish.

I will continue to use the 5kg for my Artisan small batch roasted fresh coffee, but the volume orders I am now getting mean a 30kg Batch roaster will pay for itself in a year - and of course it will give me a small batch roaster to demonstrate to potential buyers and also an Industrial roaster.

So in Turkey right now they are already starting to fabricate my 30kg roaster, it won't be finished until April and once it arrives it will need building and the monster exhaust ducting running outside. It's a big investment but will be worth it, and I hope to be able to share regular build update photos that will help to sell more these roasting beasts in the future.

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Congratulations on the coming move up to the 30kg roaster.

Re big clients and slow payments, been there, done that - a real pain.

Thank you very much, the bigger roaster will save time on bulk orders and contracts, plus it will help sell more of the Industrial roasters I expect many of the growing coffee roasters in the UK to look toward increasing their roasting capacity.

Dig the burlaps on the wall man.

I have coffee sacks all over, but also I sell them on eBay otherwise we would have a warehouse full of things. Although we don’t make much money selling them, just cover the shipping costs - it’s better then throwing them away.

Wow! Your coffee roaster machines are awesome! ^_^ If I had more than enough capital, I would love to go into coffee business too! :) Have a great day! :)

You need a big warehouse to keep the machines in though - the 30kg roaster won’t fit in the room I have the 5kg roaster in!

You had me going for a minute! LOL Thought you were going to be putting out a special roast and make the brand: STEEM C0ff33. :D

I have experience in chasing down people for payments, and it sucks. It takes up a great deal of time, that could be better spent running a business. Hopefully this will be a non-issue for you in 2020!

Actually that’s exactly my plan, Steem branded coffee to promote the blockchain. I’m also trying to work out how the Coffee NFT’s I just created can be sent as customer rewards for my business website - it strikes me as a good way to pull people into the Steem blockchain if they have to join in order to redeem their loyalty reward.

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Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Thank you very much 🤗

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