ColorChallenge: Tuesday Orange

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Walking around the block with my Yorkshire Terriers, these blooms caught my eye.

The flowers seemed to sparkle and glisten in the sunlight!
All photos were taken by @silversaver888 using iPhone 6

These radiant flowers are from the same neighbor's front yard.

I don't know the name of these flowers, and I intend shall ask my neighbor if she ever comes out of her house. I've seen her only once in the three years I've lived here. For certain she loves the color orange!

#colorchallenge was initiated by @kalemandra.
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Bright and beautiful 💕💐

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They were eye-catching blooms! Many schools here in the US started the fall season two weeks ago, and some started yesterday. I know now that you are a teacher! Do you have the same school year cycle as the US? Have a great day, @clitadias. Take care 💕💐.

Such vibrant and gorgeous colors in those flowers

Hehehe, I don't know how these came about. I just know I took like 20 photos of each and picked the best ones, LOL! I learned from @melinda010100 that these are zinnias. The flowers are annuals, and in a few weeks, they'd all be gone! I am so glad I have these photos. It is mind-blowing to me that a camera captures a moment in time, and one can have the pleasure of returning over and over to the scene of beauty for as long as the photo exist!!! I have you and others here who have consistently shared the beauty of this world through your amazing photos, @tattoodjay.

Thanks for the info on the flowers and yes thats the beauty of taking flowers it may be something that doesn’t last one but they will live on forever in our photos :)

They are so beautiful! Your photos are great!

Oh, my! Thanks for the compliment. It means a lot coming from you. And thank you for being FIRST to comment on this article. Have a beautiful day, my friend, @melinda010100!

I'm going to make a guess that these flowers are both different zinna hybrids. Let me know if you ever find out what they are.

Did I tell you already that I want to plant a garden in pots.. a few vegetables and flowering plants? I currently have succulents in a tiny courtyard where I want to put them.
I will sure to let you know. Later, when I get home from work, I think I will google search zinnias. I know very little about the names of flowers. These are very common here in California.

Zinnias are fairly easy to grow from seed and they like lots of sun. I love growing things in pots. It's the only kind of gardening that I can manage these days!

They are zinnias!!! WOW, they come in many colors. You know... my Mom kept my flower drawings, and they are zinnias! I found out that the top flowers are zinnia angustifolia, and the bottom is commonly called California Giants. Thanks again, my friend @melinda010100. Have a beautiful day 💕💐!

Happy to help! If you are planning to become a gardener you simply must know a few of these things! 😉😀

Those are bursting with color

I know, right! The bright blooms stopped me in my tracks!
How's college, my friend! It must be fun. Do you live on campus, or do you commute to school? Will you be blogging about your experience in college? I wish this platform existed when before, then I would have been able to document my college life for 'eternity' in the blockchain, LOL!

I might do a college blog. I commute to campus

Lovely Test post Sis and a great Idea too.

I am glad you like it, sis!

Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5... 😎🐉🐲

Yes, you made it, @underground!!! You are here.

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