The Fighting Stance - Is It Your Restriction?

in combat •  8 months ago 

There are different stances in martial arts. When we fight, we usually stand in a fighting stance. If you watch MMA or any fighting competition, you will see that they stand in a certain way and then fight. To practice martial arts and basic lessons, you can stand in a wide stance, later you can practice that in a fighting stance.


There are some specific rules in fighting stance, for example, your front hand should be in a 40-degree angle, your rear hand is a 90-degree angle and it should be up to the chin. Keep the distance between your legs and put equal weight on both legs. Bend your knees and it should be pointing a little outside.

Now what I just said, that's based on one martial art and you will see the difference in fighting stance in different martial arts like Karate stance, Boxing stance, Muay Thai stance, JKD stance. When you stand in a fighting stance, you protect yourself and at the same time, you are ready to attack.

When you bend your knees and it's a little outside, in case the attacker kicks your leg, your knees will turn and absorb the pressure, otherwise, you will get hurt. You will also learn the footwork. Footwork is a way to move forward and backward, and step to the side. If you are good at footwork, that's great. It is very useful in a fight.


When you get used to standing in a fighting stance, and you move in certain, that's great. But if you feel like you cannot move in other ways and make different moves, you might not adapt to the new situation. If you make the fighting stance as a restriction, that is not it is supposed to be.

Sometimes you need to move freely in a fight for self defense. The fighting stance is inside you. Your kick, punch, strike, and blocks - whatever you do, you see a fighting stance. You do not think of standing in a certain way. You are doing it automatically. Fighting stance is helping you in a fight, not to restrict you.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comment below. If you are interested to learn more about martial arts and self defense, check out some of my recent posts.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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