Communities I’m wanting to build - Which Communities would you want to be part of on Steem?

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SteemFest has just concluded for another year, but there were two presentations in this year's SteemFest that particularly caught my attention. Communities and SMTs! Unlike previous years, where a lot of new ideas were introduced, the presentations from the Steemit Inc team this year provided sneak peaks into two of the most anticipated features on Steem.


After what seems like an eternity, the long awaited **Communities feature is almost here! This morning @exyle recorded a very insightful video and post that looked at the Communities feature. Currently, this feature is only available to developers, but I can't wait for it to be available to the rest of the community.

When I powered up my accounts past 100k Steem a few months ago, it was in anticipation of this day when Communities would be on Steem. I hope to contribute a large part of my stake to building communities here. I have a few ideas in mind, the type of communities that I would love to be part of, but I wanted to get feedback from Steemians:

Which community would you like to be part of?

From the following list, let me know if there's a community that you would like to be part of here on Steem:

  1. Deals and bargains - OzBargain is a very popular deals site in Australia that highlights all the different deals and bargains out there. It is a site that I frequently visit when I want to shop around for a bargain or need to buy something particular.
  2. Book reviews/book club - I love books and would love to read up on book recommendations and reviews.
  3. Travel - A community that would highlight travel tips from locals.
  4. Crypto trading/investing - Analysis of new crypto projects, crypto news, and technical analysis.
  5. Parenting tips and support - Parenting is not an easy thing, and having a supportive community to discuss issues around parenting would be something I'd really be interested in.
    These are just some initial ideas I had. Let me know in the comments below if you would be interested in any of these communities, or if there's any other community you would like to see.

Like I said, I'm looking forward to putting my SP toward building some of these communities, so please stay tuned to the communities that I will be building here.

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Numbers 1,3and 4 interest me, I am looking forward and hoping you can get one of these or all of the suggested communities running 👍

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Thanks for the feedback. Will try my best to get these communities going.


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Crypto trading/ investing, Christian community, and silver/gold would be my top 3!

Thanks for the suggestions brother. Yes, I’m definitely wanting to create a Christian community too. Hope I can get the crypto trading and investing community up as well.

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Number four is of interest to me.
I would like to build a community on Tokenization of Real Estate. I think it’s a potentially lucrative niche which would allow people from all over the world to profit from real estate deals in other countries.

That sounds really interesting, and maybe its own SMT too. I would definitely be interested. Let me know when you create that community.

I'm already publishing a weekly "trading post" that could surely use support, so definitely interested in #1.

#5, parenting tips is always good. My past neighbour ran a small day-care and had lots of techniques for raising children that worked quite well. I learned a lot from her. She managed to turn around some fairly difficult cases using her techniques. I'm always willing to share anything I know.

One that isn't on your list is a gaming community. There are already a few of them, but none of them have real clout to bring everyone together.

Thanks mate for the suggestions and feedback. I will hopefully be able to establish some of these communities.

That would be great. Steem needs something it hasn't got now in order to attract new users.

Yes, I think Communities can bring a lot of engagement and retention if done right.