@Barski announces photo contest - Show me DOGS - Round 6 & WINNERS - weekly prize pool of 230 BTCMYC ( bitcoinmyk ) tokens

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Round number 6 - Show me DOGS!


Greetings, friends!

Today, Sunday, well, this means that I want to see a lot of dogs in your photos and read interesting comments on them.

Now, I will issue a verdict on the awards for your photographs, which, you made your contribution to the fifth round of the competition.

In a few hours, your comments will bring you a few more coins.

Many years ago, I brought my dogs to competitions - dog shows.

I thought it was very difficult for judges who evaluate the quality of dogs.

But, now, I understand that, then, it was easier for them to do this.

They used tables with the given parameters.

The height of the dog’s hoki, the shape of the croup, the setting of the legs and tail, the length and shape of the ears, the presence of certain spots, this is what unmistakably gave them the opportunity to make their choice.

They were not interested in participating in this process, the owners of the dogs.

It’s much harder for me to make a choice.

But, this needs to be done, let's get started!

Today, we have the winners of the competition last week!

Dear @hangin, excellent, artwork that deserves the first prize! You showed me a dog, the street, remained in the fog, you showed me the basis of the plot. Excellent!

Author - @hangin - 100 BTCMYC - First place!

Dear @nelinoeva, Great line-up and wonderful dog forelock! Fine!

Author - @nelinoeva - 50 BTCMYC - Second place!

Dear @audiefaith, I like this old man! Congratulations!

Author - @audiefaith - 50 BTCMYC - Second place!

Dear @cetb2008, a very touching story and a nice photo! I'm waiting for new photos!

Author - @cetb2008 - 10 BTCMYC - Third place!

Dear @olivia08,this baby is very nice! Congratulations!

Author - @olivia08 - 10 BTCMYC - Third place!

Dear @bigsambucca,i see the water of the lake through the eyes of this dog! Congratulations!

Author - @bigsambucca - 10 BTCMYC - Third place!

Prizes went to the winners!

Check your wallets.

I invite all of you to take part in the photo contest.

Strive for small and get a lot, this is our motto!

Show me DOGS!


Weekly prize pool of 230 BTCMYC ( bitcoinmyk ) tokens

1st place will receive 100 BTCMYC tokens

2 x 2nd place will 50 BTCMYC tokens, each ;

3 x 3rd place will receive 10 BTCMYC tokens, each.

Tokens will be transferred to the winemakers @steem-engine wallet.

Below, you can see examples of photographs for the contest.


I took these photos at different times of the year.


The format of the photo does not matter, only your talent can lead you to victory.


You can use any means of photography. If, suddenly, you do not have any camera, you can draw a reflection, as you know, perhaps this is the way to victory.



  1. Your photograph, collages and drawings, and a few words (Minimum 25 words) about it should be presented as a comment on this post.
    You can publish a post and post a link to it and a photo as a comment on this post.
  2. This should be your work that you personally took. Plagiarism and stock photos are unacceptable.
  3. Vote for this post.
  4. Share this post with other bloggers.

Winners will receive their prizes after paying for this post.

Each of you can become a sponsor of this competition and increase the prize pool.

Your votes, this is a tangible support of this contest!

I wish you all a great hunt!

You can take part in contests that are held daily. Contests are held daily.

You can take part in contests of photos and comments.

Stay tuned for updates to our blog.

Photos taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300 camera
I edited a photo in the program PhotoDirector, which I also installed on my smartphone.

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This is tsoko a rescue dog he is blind in his left eye, me and my cousin found him in a ditch wet and muddy.
We rush him to shower only to find out that he is blind, we were not satisfied with what we saw, we rush him to the vet and the doctor says he has some infections and must be confined and so we did and he got healed but remained blind.
My cousin took tsoko home and took good care of the pup, now tsoko always comes first, we were grateful that we have tsoko he is sweet and a gentle dog and crazy sometimes when he sees a bed get fixed that's the time he's jumping on it and lay down like a house master.

And tsoko here says thank you @barski for letting me in wof wof!

Cute dog!

Many thanks from Jade and me. 😀

This time i chose a photo of a dog I met while visiting the elephant sanctuary in Thailand. There were few dogs around and a sign not to feed them. Dogs, being dogs will always beg for food and this cutie was not an exception.


Tricky face))

😀 it was very well behaved dog.


For the first time in my life, I hold a puppy. I love dogs but I never carry or touch them most especially when I was in our country yesterday Lester licked me and kept himself warming on my foot. I touched and carry him and he never gives me a sign resistance. They need love for most. He is Lester and he will be one of the dogs in steemit.²p

Thank you so much @barski. And my 'Spencer' thanks you as well. This is my first contest win of any kind.. It was great fun. I feel blessed to see so many great pics depicting awesome dogs!

All these beautiful dogs are amazing and truly man's (and woman's) best friends! Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you so much @barski and congrats to all the other winners , i will be back with my entry later :))

A friend of mind who owns a cattle farm in the out backs of Australia has just bought a new member into his family of cattle dogs he has about 4 cattle dogs already and now Ben is the firth cattle dog . The Australian Cattle Dog, or simply Cattle Dog, is a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for droving cattle over long distances across rough terrain.

iPhone 10 S - 555.jpg

The Hound dog is known for it's superior hunting techniques mainly for tracking down Foxes in the game hunt in the old British days but here we have Rosie the Hound dog who doesn't give a hoot about tracking down Foxes she is just a great companion and great around the kids and very protective towards the whole family. I have always loved Hound dogs they just seem to have that intelligent superior look about them and you can see that in the way Rosie is posing for the camera...lol 😊


Hello @barski
here is my entry for your contest show me DOGS today.
This is the dog of my best friend again.
He is standing on the tractor and wants to chase the cat. But this is too high for the dog.
I hope you like it.
Greeting from @bitandi