Photo Filters & Effects Contest #createthatlook

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Hello guys, hope you are all doing great. So for a while now I have been searching for a crazy idea for a contest, with all the amazing contest ongoing by different persons here, I thought let's do "filters and effects".

Okay, my new "crazy" has to do with photo filters and I want to make a contest relating to that. Partnering with me on this contest is my naughty friend @drakernoise ....we are going to be running this together.

Image credit @drakernoise

Now for the contest itself....all you need do is...

  • Take a photo and use any filter or effects of your choice. Be creative with the use of the effects or filter of your choosing.
  • It could be a selfie, photo of your pet...anything at all, as long as you use a filter or effect on the photo you are good.
  • Write a short post on what inspired the effects you used and how it turned out.
  • You need to put up the "original" (without effects, filters, editing) photo so we know how it looked like.
  • Everyone is welcome to join in the fun...try as many effects or filters as you want.

Prizes: since it's our first time with this contest, we are looking to start humbly but hopefully with time and depending on the entries the prizes would increase. So for now...

First prize: 3 steem

Second prize: 1.5 steem

Third prize: 0.75 steem

  • Please put your post link in the comment session for us to find it easily.
  • Upvote and resteem aren’t mandatory but appreciated.

Note~ Photo must be your original work.

  • Deadline ~ After post payout day

Game of thrones lover.

Looking forward to seeing your enteries. Let's get the ball rolling guys!!!

Effects and filers are from photo lab.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Thank you @bdvoter.cur 🙂

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Thanks for your entry @nelsonnils. 😀

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As promised
With. Story about channeling your thoughts. Conggrats to you and @drakernoise for the new contest

Thank you for entry...😁...a very eye turning effect there..😀

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That is super badass.

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Thank you..😉

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Hola @bliss11, envío mi link a tu divertido concurso
Suerte para todos.


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Thanks @issymarie for your entry.🤗

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That's a nice idea. Keep it up

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Thank you. You should join in 🤪

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I will. I will get it posted tomorrow

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How cool, waiting for your entry...thanks for coming!

Thank you for entering the contest @kayda-ventures.

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My pleasure dear

For Sure I'm In!!!
👍🏼😁👍🏼 looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 😁

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Here Is the link!

Thanks Again!

Thanks to you for your entry @lesmann 🤗

Thank You &
Have A Blessed Day!

Thanks for your entry @lesmann.

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Here's My entry!
Hope You Like It!

Greetings friends @bliss11 and @drakenoirse for this initiative of the Photo Filters & Effects Contest. Here is my entry:


Hola dejo mi participación espero estar a tiempo, por problemas de internet no la pude publicar antes.

Por aquí participando en esta fantastica iniciativa ofrecida por @bliss11 y @drakernoise...

Thanks for the entry. 🤗

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My last minute entry!

Thank you for creating this fun challenge and I hope there will be more in the future! :)

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Great pictures and arrangements, @bliss11 I will give resteem to the contest, I love it, thanks @drakernoise for the notice

Estupendas las fotografías @bliss11 y los arreglos, le dare resteem al concurso, me encanta, gracias @drakernoise por el aviso

Mi Participación

Thank you @sacra97, we appreciate the resteem. 😁

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Thx so much for stepping by @sacra97 and your comment. Can’t wait to see you making an entry 😁

Muchas gracias por venir Sacra y por tu comentario. Estoy deseando ver tu entrada 😁

Hugs’n love over there 🤗

Here is my entry 😜
Sorry for being late my friend 🙏

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend and Thank you for doing this fun contest 🥰🤗🌹 much love

Thank you Saffi sweets...😘😘🤗

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I love contests that has to do with photography 😁 and if its effects 😜 yeah... Im in!!
Will give it a go for sure 😉👍 Thank you for yet again coming up with fun ideas and cool you have your friend @drakernoise to join you. Love both your photo edits.
Much love 🤗❤️🥰

Hahaha!! Yeah I know you would love it with all your photo effects I bet your entry would be amazing...looking forward to it and thanks for stopping by! 🤗😘

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Thanks for supporting the idea @saffisara, waiting your entry 😁
Have a great Monday 🤗

I will try on it soon, Resteem done so other can also join the contest :)

Am glad about that...looking forward to seeing your photo effects and thank you for the resteem.😃

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Thank you for coming and your support @shrazi 🤗

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This is a wonderful addition to your usual interaction! I was just getting used to #questionandanswer... now you are doing photo edit contents... outstanding! !tip

Thx for supporting this idea @wesphilbin...would you step forward and make your entry? 😁
Hugs over there 🤗

Yes....always looking for something new lol. Thank you @wesphilpin 😁

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