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Join the ChallengeDac Dapp Curation and Tipping contest. Challengedac is an EOS based dapp that let Users send and receive Challenges. In this process, there are Crypto tokens to be unlocked if the requirements of the sender are met. The Sender will pick the place that the receiver has to be to unlock the reward. With ChallengeDac App, you can challenge a friend to go drink coffee or record a song in the studio etc. The ChallengeDac's local token are called CHL available on Newdex and CoinGecko while the Steem-engine pegged token is called CHLP.

1000 CHLP each will be tipped to every participant of this Contest and each participants will have their posts upvoted by the @challengedac account with 100,000 SP.

• Download the ChallengeDac App for Android or iOS mobile.


• Take a Screenshot of your Challenge username.

• Make a Steemit post about what you think of the tokens. Drop your Post link in the comment Section of this Post.

That's all!!

Invest in the CHL tokens:
Buy CHL via @newdex-io:
Buy CHLP via @steem-engine:


ChallengeDac Official accounts:
Subscribe to ChallengeDac YouTube:
Twitter: @ChallengeDac
Reddit account:

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Thanks for participating bro. Your post will be Curated and you will recieve 1000 CHLP tokens in your Steem-engine wallet.

Can i make a new post

Sure you can. If it is about the ChallengeDac App. Then it will be curated by the @challengedac account.

not able to create account.
the app not responding after entering my username & submit.

It's from your Network service provider @secretman02.


Error when I try

Insert your country and your full phone number.

Worked now, but can’t see any challenge, and I don’t know anyone on it to send them a challenge.

My Challenge Username: Citimillz115 What's yours? Please make a post about Challengedapp with screenshot of the app on your phone. Use #challengedac tag on the post.

Can’t find you. Wanted to do a challenge before I do a review.

You don't need to find me. Just click on the 'Create challenge' button, the insert the name of the Challenge you wanna create. Insert my username on the 'To account' box and fill in other details.