CLOSED - 08/27/2020 - Daily Pimp Your Post

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This is a simple Daily Pimp Your Post to help those who are writing posts on Hive to have a place to drop a link and potentially get some votes and exposure.


PIFC will only upvote your comment as I honestly don't have time right now to be reading posts, but wanted to use the account to give a little back each day. Votes will only happen until the next day's post is up at which point you should.

Rules are simple, just post a link to your current post and tell us in a couple sentences why someone should visit your post.

Please visit other posts and help support each other!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I'm glad that PYP is here on Hive! I was thinking that it's a shame I haven't seen you around at all in a while and I went to your feed and saw that you were questioning doing it.

I think that it will be well received here, in my opinion! Let's see what we can uncover for new posts!

Hello! So nice to see PYP once again. I will be nominating another's post that I find awesome. Here it is...

@russellstockley not only wrote an interesting freewrite, he also added value by having an audio read of his story. An amazing idea!