Let's Get BUIDL-ing!!!

Whatever your politics are, what cannot be argued is that the whole Western world was completely unprepared for the coronavirus. And given the decades of warning signs about just such an eventuality, there's really no good reason for that failure.

Thus, here is some essential weekend reading from the first half of the duo that is Andreessen Horowitz:

"Making masks and transferring money are not hard. We could have these things but we chose not to — specifically we chose not to have the mechanisms, the factories, the systems to make these things. We chose not to build...


"Building isn’t easy, or we’d already be doing all this. We need to demand more of our political leaders, of our CEOs, our entrepreneurs, our investors. We need to demand more of our culture, of our society. And we need to demand more from one another. We’re all necessary, and we can all contribute, to building."


Let's stop tearing each other down. In the parlance of crypto, let's just BUIDL what we want & what we need together. That's the only way we're gonna make the world a better place after this, The Great Pause.

Let's do it.

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