New: thoughtfuldailypost

#thoughtfuldailypost allows you to 'mine your human' each day. Relegate 'reservations' and publish a post composed entirely of your thoughts. Yes, tell us 'what is on your mind'. For this art, you can now earn MARLIANS along with STEEM/SBD. In some cases, you can earn some SHADE. Simply add in '#marlians' among your tags using any steem condenser, for your '#thoughtfuldailypost posts' to appear on '' or 'post to steem directly via' and you can earn some MARLIANS. Where you can't publish a post, do well to powerup MARLIANS and spend time on '' to curate #thoughtfuldailypost. is a 'home'; a 'real home' and it is yours. Let's move together! For help, contact these 'certified' uloggers; @wesphilbin, @shadowspub, @thekittygirl or @enginewitty here! You too can oversee a community. Get 'certified' by completing these 4 simple-steps.