My Entry for "CreateThatLook" contest | Week 13 - Animated GIFs Round

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Hi there Hive World,
Hope you all having an awesome Weekend.
I am sharing my Entry for #createthatlook Contest by @bliss11 and @drakernoise.
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Original Photo



I took my Model "Shahzaib" Pose and Givee it 4 different effects using Android App "PAINNT"
As it is Animated round, so I put these effects to Adobe Image Ready 7.0 and Loop these by adding 12 frames.
These Are the Four Effects that I used on GIF






Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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There's that way of making GIFs and there's also a different one taking about 5-10 shots of your moving "modelo", in your case the famoust and cute Shahzaib...
I encourage you trying what I mentioned, you will discover a new amazing GIF creation 😉
Anyways, as always you made a wonderful job also funny due to Shahzaib having those flashy eyes hahaha...
Thanks for taking part and good luck on the selection process 🤗🤗🤗

Thank You for appreciation and thanks for this Awesome and entertaining Contest.
I really enjoyed while working for the Contest Entry.
And Yes first I thought to make GIF with different pose but than I finalize this one (With Single shot):D. But I will do that in Next GIF round.

Here an example of what I'm talking about made with Google Photos animation tool:

Yes Got it, I Will try this type of GIF with effects :D NEXT TIME :)

This is pretty cool @shrazi, I like the gif transition a lot...very neat. I am glad you are a part of the contest. 🤗

My pleasure :)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hi @shrazi .
The Gaugan App was down almost three days, so I opened the contest until today Monday, if you had trouble with the application.
Cheers my friend

Yes, I have tried yesterday but there was issue. I will on it Now. Let see How much time will it take for me NOW :).