My Entry for "CreateThatLook" contest | Week 9

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Hi there Hive World,
Hope you all lovely people are fine.
I am come up with my Entry for #createthatlook and also using #googlyeyes to enter to #googlyprize by @fraenk.

My Entry for Week 9


Original Photo


I took my Son Water Bottle and put Googly Eyes on it :p and use different filters/effects to get this result.

Check the GIF IMAGE with multiple results of it


Hope you like it,
You can also participate in this #createthatlook Photography filtes/effects contest by @bliss11 and @drakernoise.


And Now you can check Multiple Photos of Water Bottle with GOOGLYEYES on it.





Hope You like,
Thanks for the Visit


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Two shots in a row @shrazi 😁
Lovely googlyeyed bottle so funny with those big ears. As always you are a genius bringing usual things to life, great!
Thanks so much for coming again with cool stuff, best luck for both contests! 🤗👀🤗👀🤗

Thank you :), I also tried to show Smiling lips by use of WATER in the bottle :P but I am not so GOOD :D

You got it of course is only that those ears got me stuck 🤣

Genial y creativo, quedó estupendo @shrazi

Great and creative, it was great @shrazi

Thanks for appreciation :)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hahahaha!! You came with a funny one this time "Mr googly eyes" 🤪 Your different effects are lovely too. Good luck in the contest. 🤗

Thanks :) for appreciation.

Am loving this @shrazi, please can you help me with the contest link, would love to read the rules so I can participate. Thanks

You just need to use filters/effects on your photo and submit with #createthatlook tag, and share the post link on CONTEST POST

And @drakernoise and @bliss11 are CONTEST HOLDER so they can guide you more and invite you to Discord where you Vote for others.

Thanks for your help @shrazi 🤗🤗🤗



Thank you so much,am creating mine right away

GOOD LUCK for the Contest.
And check other graphic contest on THE TERMINAL discord.

We would love you joining, you're most welcome @cherylsonty 🤗
I add here a link to The Terminal the discord server where we host the votinngs snd it's also an amazing server full of good people willing to help:

Thanks,I just joined the discord, would be creating mine now.

Very creative. Would be scary to see the bottle glowing at night.

:) Thank You