A hot beautiful Day at the beach

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This is my entry to the contest by @photo52 with the theme of the weeks WARM for week 6.
@photo52 steem account was created specific for the contest by @wwwiebe

A hot day last year at the Black Sea, the summer is fortunately still ahead of us.

2018_08 091.jpg

Here was really nice and warm. Fabulous weather and environment with about 26 degrees extremely pleasant water temperatures for bathing.


More here: https://steemit.com/photography/@photo52/photo-52-2020-challenge-week-number-6


Thank you for coming by, have a Pleasant Day everyone !

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That looks like it must have been a really fun day at the beach! It's still winter here, but I'm hoping to get to my nearby beach in the spring.

Thanks for entering!

Many thanks!

It is really a hot beautiful Day at the beach photography.

It is really a
Hot beautiful Day at the
Beach photography.

                 - kamrunnahar

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks a lot!