Lionel Messi is a football legend

Is Lionel Messi a human?.

The words're not enough to describe how wonderful Lionel Messi is. The La Pulga or a lice is one of the most talented footballer with his excellent skills. For me he is a football legend.

Indeed, Lionel Messi is not able to present the World Cup title to Argentina yet but it does not mean a Lionel Messi is not proper to be a football legend. You can not say a great player must reach every awards. Remember, nobody is perfect. Even if Messi had achieved everything, the perfection is only belongs to God.

Lionel Messi has given everything to the football. We should thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the most luxurious skills of players like Lionel Messi. I think you do not need to make the comparisons between other players because each player has a different skills.

Lionel Messi was blessed with extraordinary natural talent by God. He is able to run very fast with the ball and he can score a goal from a narrow angle. It is really the excellent skill!

There were some several unlucky matches for Messi to win the game in big tournament. He did nothing and he can't show his best. You must get the point that the football is played by eleven players. But Messi is Messi. He is like Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona and other world-class players.

In the video above, you will watch how Lionel Messi deserves to be a Football Legend.

What do you think, football lovers?


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Messi is the best and the only !!...

Well that's for sure! Ain't no player like Messi.

@ bahagia-arbi Hello dear friend. Messi is an extraordinary player, is a human being endowed with a great intelligence to be a very good player, provided with a golden heart, benevolent that helps many beneficiary institutions. It is at the height of any player
Thank you very much for sharing this post
I wish you a great day

Messi is Messi. He is a great player. Anyeay, I am a real fans if Argentina Football National Team. Thanks Sir.

Hi, @bahagia-arbi!

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i am also fan of Legend Player Messi

Waoh, all this praise for one single person? In some corner they hails the name of Cr7.

I love Mario Gotzes quote about Messi where he says I aspire to be on the level of Cristiano Ronaldo because thats still humanly possible

Yes, Messi has been one of the best footballers. I see some highlights coming from him and its really awesome to watch.