"Strange Goings On at Number Twenty-Three" Part 1 (a freewrite/feltbuzz500 tale, prompt: "leering)

This is something new I am trying - to write at least 500 words a day. I call it the Felt.Buzz Five Hundred. I write a five-minute freewrite and then add more words to get to the magic number...

Prompt: “leering”
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Strange Going On At Number Twenty-Three (part 1)

Gabby didn't like old Mr Fingers from number twenty-three.

Whenever she went to the row of post boxes at the entrance to the building to check her mail, he always seemed to be there, with his leering smile. Whenever she went to put the trash out on a Wednesday, old Mr Fingers seemed to come out of his flat, often with one item, and smile at her in that unsettling way as he dropped it into the bin. Once she pointed out that the sign above the bins said clearly that all items should be in a sealed black plastic bag, and anyway didn't he know that tins could be recycled in that container over there, but he just nodded, smiled more and stared at her as she went back to the stairwell and climbed up to her flat.

No, Gabby didn't like Mr Fingers one little bit.

One evening, in the middle of winter, as she returned home from a hard day at work, the icy wind clawing at her face as she entered the building she noticed that Mr Finger's lights were on, and his windows wide open.

This was unusual. Normally, even in the summer, the windows to Mr Finger’s flat were closed, curtains drawn. Gabby had joked to Ellen, who lived in the flat next to Mr Fingers, that perhaps he was a serial killer. Or perhaps, a mad scientist doing wild and unnatural experiments, creating creatures that should never exist. Ellen had laughed nervously at that. She also found the old man unsettling. And she had to live next door to him.

Gabby climbed the stairs to the first floor. The door to number twenty-three was ajar. She stood outside it, wondering what she should do. After a moment’s hesitation, Gabby knocked at the door of number twenty-five.

Ellen opened the door a crack, just enough to show Gabby her anxious eyes. She opened the door wide and smiled when she saw who it was.

“Thank heavens it’s you!” she said.

“I’m worried about Mr Fingers,” Gabby said. “His windows are wide open. It’s blowing a gale out there.”

Ellen’s smile disappeared.

“Oh,” she said. “There have been some really strange noises. Banging noises, hissing noises. At one point the wall shook so much I thought it would fall down. I almost called the caretaker. But then it was quiet.”

Ellen stepped out into the hallway and they both looked at the door to Mr Finger’s flat.

“Do you think we should call the caretaker?”

Gabby hesitated. She didn’t like Mr Klint very much, either. And besides, it was after seven. If you called Mr Klint after seven o’clock and he had to come out, and it turned out it was not necessary, you got charged. And a black mark against your tenancy, too.

“Perhaps we could just knock and see if Mr Fingers is alright,” she said. Ellen nodded.

They stood outside the door to number twenty-three. There was a strange smell, Gabby noticed...
(Today I wrote… exactly 500 words!)

As usual I wrote the freewrite in five minutes using themostdangerouswritingapp.com and then copied and pasted it into a googledoc, tied it up a bit and then wrote more words!


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You're surely the king of the cliffhanger. I dread to think what you've done with poor old Mr. Fingers.

I don't think I write 500 words in a week @felt.buzz 🤣🤣🤣 here's your favorite prompt word.


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