Car graveyard North Wales 2019

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Apparently, so I have been told I was lucky to do this as there is normally a rather large dog allowed to roam free in this secluded compound.
All that was required? a small gap under the fence and an SAS style approach and I was in.

I’m not a petrolhead to me it’s just a shame that these cars are being left to rot, they must be worth something to someone who has the time and money to spend.

I particularly loved the bits and pieces in the shed.

Enjoy the visit.





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Wow, that's pretty intersting. On one hand sad, on the other really fascinating! <3

Thanks, yes mixed feelings?

Some old ones there, the 6 digit plates are pre-1963 when the FHG543A (example) standard was introduced. The 'A' being a 1963 model as I recall.

Hornecliffe Mansion a celeb urbex around my way (now burnt) has a car graveyard around the back. They are always interesting.

Yes I have a few similar to upload,
Looks like they are vintage models then

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